Ultimate Kitesurfing Adventure – Marshall Islands – Reo Stevens Coaching

“The Island of Everything”, “The Last Eden”, – Whatever you want to call it, the Marshall Islands are a true waterman’s paradise! Reo has partnered up with Martin Daly and the Indies Trader to bring you a kitesurfing adventure to what could quite possibly be the most exclusive and best kiting destination in the world – Beran Island Resort in the Marshall Islands!

Beran Island in the Marshall Islands is truly a bucket list destination; it just hasn’t made it on anyone’s bucket list yet! My best comparison is visiting Tavarua/Cloudbreak 25-30 years ago, but instead of instead of sleeping in beach bures, you are sleeping in a Villa – And because of its remoteness you won’t have to share it with anyone outside of the resort!”

The conditions surrounding Beran island offer a variety of flatwater depending on the tides.

At low tides the fringing reefs become exposed offering world class freestyle conditions that any pro would drool at. When the tide fills in over the reefs, it offers great bump and jump conditions with little “kickers” to practice your jumps off of. Take your pick: World class freestyle conditions, bump and jump, downwinders or an endless foil exploration over some of the clearest and bluest waters you’ve ever seen! Photos: Reo Stevens The Wave Kitesurfing

The wave kitesurfing around Beran Island is world class. Offering a variety of waves that will challenge both the every day rider and professionals alike. All the waves are starboard tack (Rights) with cross to cross offshore winds offering the ideal conditions for down the line waveriding. Depending on the break that you choose to ride, you can work on basic down the line wave riding with a safe and easy shoulder to run to safety to, but there if you have the skill and motivation, it’s a very real possibility that you will get your first ever barrel on a kite here in the Marshall Islands! The bowl, CK’s, Amnesia, and Nirvana all offer something slightly different to the wave riding enthusiast but all offer the same top quality and exclusiveness. Photos: Martin Daly/ Indies Trader No wind activities

Beran Island is about 45 Acres. A typical atoll sand island, covered in coconut palms, with many substantial hard wood trees as well. Beran is truly central to all the surf in the atoll, and we can see the two most consistent breaks from our new lodge. Currently we have the Indies Trader 2 a 45 ft fly bridge sport fisher/ day boat, a 23 foot Noosa Cat fast day boat, and 4 jet skis based at the island. Your Host/Coaches During Kite Weeks Your Host: Reo Stevens, 4x World Waveriding Champion Keahi De Aboitiz and Indies Trader’s Martin Daly The Daily Routine on Beran Island The exposed reef at low tide creates on the ideal flat water conditions for freestyle kiteboarding. Photo: Reo Stevens

The normal routine is to range out from the island on day trips on one of the crafts, depending on personal requirements. There is surf and great kite boarding right at the island, and the most consistent waves Amnesia and the Bowl are 4 Nautical Miles East and West of Beran ( 10-15 Minute boat ride from the wharf ). Maybes – our most demanding and powerful wave is about 11 Miles to the break and Nirvana our most classic point setup is 12 Miles from the wharf. We can do day trips to both these places and always do if there is swell. If there’s no swell, long downwinders through the inside of the atoll will give you a unique view of the atoll’s beauty that only kitesurfing can provide. During the season, average wind speed is usually 15-20kt range. Check out the Cabrinha and Patagonia team experiences around Beran

We take pride in the high quality ingredients, preparation and presentation of our food for every guest of every trip. Our chefs are traditionally trained, and bring with them years of experience and diversity. Locally grown vegetables and fruits, high quality meat, freshly caught fish & imported high quality specialty ingredients are all included in our kitchen and stocked to the brim for every visit. Specialty diets are all accommodated to the best of our ability, given the remoteness of our location – vegetarian, vegan, low carb, low fat, paleo, etc – Please send us a note prior to your trip and we will add a note on the trip notes, notifying the chef ahead of time & stocking accordingly with extra specialty foods if necessary. Please make sure to give us as much advance notice of your dietary requirements as sometimes we need allow additional time for preordering.

We have a variety of waves ranging from longboard type beginner waves to insane driving barrels. It all depends on the size, angle, and period of the swell at any given time. This comes down to the expert knowledge of our captains and surf guides who will know exactly where to go based off the skill level and experience of the group – from family group lessons to professional surf trips .

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