Travel Interview with The Unconventional Grasshopper COUPLE TRAVEL TALES

Here’s our travel interview with Sarah from Unconventional Grasshopper. Sarah is passionate about travelling the world and blogs on her amazing solo travel experiences from around the world. During her travels she does involve herself in volunteering with animals and enjoys music festivities at the place as well. Do check out her blog . Her travel tales definitely inspires all!! Questions for the Interview 1) Introduce yourself and your blog to our readers. Sarah from The Unconventional Grasshopper.

The name of my blog is what I get questioned on the most. It all started with a conversation with a guest of the hostel I was volunteering at in Japan. I told him about Aesop’s fable The Ant and The Grasshopper (where the Ant symbolises the people who work hard for future material security and the Grasshopper, the people who choose to live in the moment) and how I had recently discovered I am in fact a Grasshopper.

I mostly travel solo – I love the freedom and the challenge of solo travel. I also travel on a budget – not through choice most of the time but I love how resourceful you become when you have little money. You find new ways to travel, new ways to feed yourself and new places to explore. I’m also getting to know the best places for budget travelling!

I currently live in the UK but I am from Paris. I tend to prefer off the beaten path travel so my recommendation in Paris is to walk around and sit at a café terrace (in summer). My favourite areas are St Germain/Jardins du Luxembourg and Pere Lachaise. In terms of places to eat, I recommend Le P’tit Fernand in St Germain and Apéronome in Pere Lachaise. But if you’re after the best brunch of your life, head to Hardware Société near the Sacré Coeur – you can enjoy amazing views of Paris afterwards. 4)Do you like travelling Solo or with a Travel Partner. Why do you choose so?

As a summary, being left in the middle of Andalusia with no means of getting anywhere and 3 ½ hours walk from the nearest village… I wasn’t laughing at the time, but people are so awesome that I was helped out every step of the way… 9) If you could go back in time. Which ancient ruin from around the world would you choose to visit and explore. Why?

I don’t take my cat travelling… he is definitely a settled cat and would hate it, but I know a lot of people take their pets with them. Make sure the airlines look after them well – a lot of people I met found their dogs scared and dehydrated after airlines didn’t fulfil their obligations. Also, check the vaccination requirements and the rabies situation in the destination country.

I always have to be disciplined when I travel and make sure I spend each morning writing or planning. I usually try to find a nice coffee shop to write in, then use the rest of the day to explore. Bus or train journeys are also a great time to write, especially the long ones. 16)Do you send postcards to your friends when you travel? If not postcards what souvenirs do you prefer to gift your friends?

I never send friends postcards or bring anything back – usually because I am moving on to another country and have no space to carry anything else. But when something reminds me of them for a reason or another, I will take a picture and send it to them! 17)What’s your favourite cuisine? Do you like trying out local food when you travel to places. If yes, what’s your favourite dish that you loved the most?

It’s really hard to choose between all the amazing dishes I have tried. In Vietnam, I loved Bun Cha the most (grilled pork and rice noodles). In Japan, I always try to find some Manju (a type of rice cake) but when I was in California, I think I ate Tacos almost everyday – tip for anyone travelling to San Diego: The Taco Stand makes the best! 18) When do you prefer to travel to a new place – peak season or off season? Why?

I must admit I never pay attention to the peak season. Because I mostly travel on a budget, I go for cheaper destinations, so I’m guessing it’s mostly off season. After experiencing -14C in Poland this winter, however, I have started paying attention to the weather! 19)How do you manage your travel expense? Do you have any particular suggestions for budget travellers?

Then finally, what ever is left over is for visits and socialising with new friends. I try to find the free things to do in a city and walk rather than take public transport (something which proved impossible in the US where cities are so big!) 21) What are the apps or resources that’s been an absolute life saver during travels or planning your trip?