Stevens point school board candidates pitch to voters for tuesday election who carries patagonia

I have served on numerous boards, owned my own company, worked for large corporations, and now work with entrepreneurs to help them grow and add to the economic vitality of our community. My years as a fellow in the Leadership Wisconsin program and my training through Leadership Portage County have provided me with the basic tools for being an effective leader. My past business experience and my current work with entrepreneurs gives me a unique perspective on the importance of preparing each student for their future. Rentfrow

Being closely involved at Plover-Whiting Elementary as PTO President and a volunteer for 7 years allows me to have an imperative view of both victories and challenges at the school. A dedicated staff that does the best job of educating and providing opportunities to students while under a budget that is often short of where they would hope to be.

Raising over $25,000 for Plover-Whiting PTO last October during Race for wiki patagonia Education was a success for this school. This provided an update of one main structure in a 25-year-old playground, as well as new basketball hoops.

My business acumen, including a UW-Madison MBA, and experience working with public boards are my greatest strengths. Having served on the SPASD Business Services committee, I am familiar with the budget process and patagonia annual revenue the challenges of managing the budget to meet the immediate needs of our children. In my career, I have participated in many public utility board meetings. As a board member, I am ready to listen to district officials, hear the concerns of teachers, parents and taxpayers and make decisions with the other board members that are in the best long term interests of the community. Morganroth

My background gives me the insight into all components of the district. I understand what teachers are saying, and I’m listening! Even though I’m retired now, I still can’t stay away from education. I volunteer often in the elementary schools, signing up to donate items/time when I see it on Facebook. And, since I’m retired, I have the time to do it. I was very active on the Vote Yes citizen committee for the district referendum because I believe this is where we need to devote our resources. Pope

The school board makes important decisions that affect all of us in the district. A diversity of backgrounds can only help in making those decisions. My background is in classroom teaching. I am familiar with the workings of a classroom and how decisions by the school board will directly affect the education that the students in this district will receive. I think it could only be a benefit to have someone familiar with the day to day process of education on the school board. Here’s what they think are patagonia argentina biggest issues facing area public schools Vang

Some challenges that the board could see in the upcoming years include teacher’s salary, mental health and standardized testing. Our teachers spend much of their day teaching our students and spend numerous unpaid hours creating a learning plan, grading assignments and other things that are not able to be squeezed between 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. With the growth of residence in the Stevens Point School district, the knowledge of mental health for all students is needed. Ebel

Education is a people business. More than three quarters of our annual budget is for professionals in our district, from our teachers to our food service personnel and custodians. The challenge will be to find the sustainable resources to recruit, retain, develop, and support our most valuable assets – the people who, day in and day out, provide patagonia usa the best environment for our students to become successful. Rentfrow

Staff Retention, School Safety, and Student Well-being. Maintaining a safe, yet productive learning environment, retaining staff through competitive benefits and salaries, and providing our students with the proper tools, mentally and physically, to be well educated and productive citizens. I believe higher staff retention will lead to greater efficiencies, while also ensuring that our district attracts and retains high quality educators.

Property taxes have a tremendous impact on our School District’s success and must be managed well to fund the schools while the patagonia not putting an unnecessary burden on area property owners. With technological advances and social media access, the mental presence of students at school is being challenged. Strong policies that are enforced to support the teachers can only result in better education for the students. Distractions in the classroom for teachers and students need to be kept to a minimum for all to remain focused on education. Pulvermacher

Before the successful 2018 referendums, SPASD spent about $1,500 less per student than the average school district in Wisconsin. While SPASD cannot control what it receives in state funding, it must manage the budget it has. The two highest SPASD priorities are hiring and retaining top talent, in out of the classroom, and trying to have the most favorable student to teacher ratios we can reasonably afford. The rest of the budget should be managed to maximize these two priorities. I have seen countless times in my life, and in the life of others, the profound effect of a truly dynamic teacher. The evidence of excellent teachers and low student to teacher ratios, especially at the elementary level, is conclusive. Both are strongly correlated to student success. Morganroth

Now that some of the pressure of funding has been taken off, we can concentrate on the issues of addressing student mental health, hiring and keeping good people, getting some help for teachers in the classroom, and following through patagonia apparel on all the referendum projects. We have a knowledgeable, caring staff that will work together to address these issues. While most of the work needs to be done by administration and staff, the board can help by serving on special committees addressing these issues. I try to stay active on committees so I know what’s happening and what needs to be done. Then, in some small way, I can work to help the staff and administration accomplish some success. The board and staff were regenerated by the outpouring of support from the referendum which will make our load lighter. Pope

The 2018 referendum was a great move made by the board. The schools should be taken care of to provide a safe building for our students to be in and to provide accessibility to all residents. More funding for technology will ensure that our students to have access to skills that are needed to continue their education and career. Not all families are able to purchase a computer, laptop or a tablet for their student. With some schools offering Chromebooks and nearest patagonia store laptops to students, this is providing the student access to information needed for school work. Ebel

Hiring our new superintendent has been the best decision we’ve made as a school board since I have been a member. Through his leadership, we collaborated with our community to develop a strategic plan and we worked with the district staff to create and implement a new pay plan. Over a two-year period, we assessed our buildings and equipment, our operational needs, and took our places to visit in patagonia plan to the community for their approval in the fall referendum. Rentfrow

Technology improvements for all students, including the addition of updated chrome books for all of the elementary schools. Continuous updates are needed to stay competitive with other school districts for our students to be successful. I am grateful to see the technology improvements, so far, for all of the schools and look forward to assisting with well managed allocations of the additional referendum dollars in the future. Expectations for each school is the same, but having various technology disparities doesn’t provide a consistent plan of action. If the mission is to ‘Prepare each student to be successful,’ then each student needs to have the same level of opportunities, despite which school they are enrolled in the District. I hope la patagonia to assist in generating equal opportunities for each student in our district. Pulvermacher

All of those challenges have real costs that will have to be paid by financing now or the loss of production from future workers who missed the opportunities needed to be college or career ready. The board did a good job of educating voters on the reasons for the referendums. This outreach and communication was vital for ensuring our kids have safe school facilities and great teachers. Morganroth

The board’s best decision wasn’t an easy one. We were presented with a difficult task due to decreased funding, whether or not to go to referendum. Administration spent hundreds of hours outlining choices for us. In the end, the board decided to bring forward two separate questions for the referendum. District employees did an excellent job communicating the needs to the community, making sure that events were available to every member of our district.

It was, by far, one of the hardest things I’ve ever been involved with. But, the results were so amazing! This community clearly saw the need and supported us in so many ways. Now, administration and the board are tasked with keeping the public engaged and aware of what is happening in each of our buildings. My promise is to make sure this happens! Pope

In my opinion, I think we have done well with our decisions. The effective deliberation process used by the current board underlies our near-unanimous votes. The diverse perspectives and thoughtful questions of our board members have delayed some decisions pending more information. With guidance from the board, issues have been sent back to departments for analysis and revisions before reconsideration by the board. Through this process, we have been able to make effective decisions that are in the best patagonia cloth interests of the students, families, the district, and our community. That is how effective boards should function. Rentfrow

Adjustment of funding for school psychologist and social worker positions, spreading them out between schools on various days to be available only part time at designated schools. Budget allocations need to be addressed to support additional presence of school psychologists and social workers at our schools as mental health and special needs student issues continue. This falls on the teachers and other staff shoulders due to limitations on availability, creating a challenging work environment. It is difficult for a student … to seek help on difficult days with limited assistance, because there is not availability at the patagonia brand school for a social worker or school psychologist. A balance is needed. Support staff for mental health and special needs is key for a strong school district. Pulvermacher

I believe the worst decision was waiting so long to go to referendum. I understand there was a history of failed referendums but I believe the latest referendums’ success underscores the importance of getting community input and in-turn providing communication as to what the funding is for and why it is needed. By waiting so long the school board only increased the real costs. You wouldn’t skip oil changes on your SUV if it meant having to replace map of patagonia argentina the vehicle after only 50,000 miles. You know despite the ongoing costs of an oil change that it is more affordable than replacing the SUV. The same can be said for deferred school maintenance. I want the best for our children and that is going to take ongoing investment in teachers and safe facilities. Morganroth

The Board occasionally makes a hire that later becomes regretful. As part of the pillar to hire and retain good staff, we work hard to make good leadership hires. When that doesn’t happen, we need to correct that misstep for the benefit of our staff. We took appropriate steps to ensure that our staff and students were being treated fairly and respectfully. We are working on a plan to avoid that happening in the future. Pope