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By the way, after a day of opening/closing, and pressing the bar in opposite direction, the detent on the Stitch has softened enough that I now can "spydie flick" it 90% of the time (the 10% failure rate probably comes down more to me not being so proficient at the technique yet) as it’s a way in which finger don’t touch the lock bar and therefore do no add additional pressure. I’ve managed 2 or 3 thumb flicks while positioning my fingers carefully and deliberately holding the knife very softly, but that’s still hard on the thumb and not guaranteed success. I’ll stick to "spydie flicking" (thank God for the hole on the blade 😉 )

That Stitch also had the same problem as the Jeans… some screws were not very tight, and clearly none was loctited. I guess people have complained about "un-openable" knives and now the good level Chinese producers go for better hardware, not over-tight and with little to no glue when they used super-tight, generously dipped in glue, lower quality hardware before.

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I second TwoSun still having a long(ish) way to go. While you will certainly find some nice details on the current models (e.g. inclined grove in the blade’s lockface/side for the detent ball to glide smoothly instead of jump/pop; rubber O-rings to secure the pivot screw/nut; nice machined screws for the most part instead of lens heads), there are some QC issues to say the least.

I’ve had several TwoSuns (different models) with non-hardened lockbar inserts. Not a big deal if you know — with such small piece of metal, even a lighter (jet flame type) or a small torch and a bit of water would do the trick. I’ve also seen several pieces of one particular model where the O-rings where missing (thing is: the groves for the O-rings to fit into where still there … looks and feels crappy once spotted). Sometimes things went wrong in assembly and you would have to take it apart to recenter the blade (check if ball bearing washers have the same thickness and — if not — whether they’re on the correct side). A lot* of my TwoSun knives came with late lock up close to 100%. And so on and so forth …

To sum it up: Exiting designs and something new every month or so, BUT these are still knives for tinkerers. You might need to take them apart, check here and there, readjust this or that and so on. More often than with some others (GT was mentioned). So, if you buy them, buy them with that in mind. Sadly prices on ebay seem to have gone up lately. Delete

No problem, that’s what we do here–share feedback and information. I want to comment on the carbon fiber on the 111. It is definitely carbon fiber, but for some reason it feels kind of like G10 in my hand, maybe due to the weight. I am not saying that I think it is inferior or cheaper because I don’t know anything about carbon fiber. I do know that there are no voids or pits in the CF on the 111 and I can see the distinctive carbon fibers at the edges. The surface is milled and you can see the fibers at several layers. Also I don’t have a knife with carbon fiber as thick and large as on the 111. Nor do I have a knife that has a full CF handle. The Green Thorn CF 111 weighs about the same as the Dicoria and it also has thick slabs of CF. So I think it’s just that the overall weight of the knife and the sheer amount of CF on the Dicoria fool my brain into thinking it’s not carbon fiber when all signs point to CF. The only thing I can think of is that it uses the same sort of resin as G10 and maybe it is not as dense of a CF, but I really don’t know. Delete