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I am a Greek. You don’t appreciate Turkish beauty, I believe Turkish women are amongst the most beautiful women in the world because they are quite mixed. Especially the Central Asian-Euro mixed girls (aka Eurasian) are the most beautiful I think. I don’t think that Turkish girls are easy (far from easy), but they have got a soft spot for us Greeks. Whatever you do, don’t give them false hopes and be straight with them right from the start on what are your intentions, e.g. “fun”. Like someone else said, watch out for girls who are escorted. If you hit on a girl who is escorted, you will get gangbanged. Turkey reminds me of provincial cities in Greece in the 1960’s on that matter, heh. For us, moving about in Turkey and staying out of trouble is easy b/c our culture is similar and we can understand things about their culture that foreigners don’t get, but someone from NW Europe acting out in Turkey like they do at London with women in night clubs, will get himself into some very serious trouble very fast.

Let’s just say that if you do that, you will be “going nowhere fast”.

Something else: Do NOT hit on women wearing esarp (head scarf). These are Erdogan’s voters, the conservative pious muslim version of Turkish girls or girls from the provinces. Instead, hit on women who are dressed like Western girls and seem to behave like Western girls. These are Kemalist or Nationalist girls, the closest thing you will find in Turkey to “westernized” girls.

Well, first time I’m not quite along with Mark. Good to mention as diversity of perception makes the world a shinier spot. So, my intensive Istanbul story: It was a CS gathering as we used to hold them twice an year here and there in the Balkans. I went there with a bunch of say ten other Bulgarians, including my girlfriend at the time. It was arranged that we stayed at the still not officially opened hostel “Planet Paprika” held by a very friendly and wise globetrotter, Serhat or better known as Mr. Paprika. It was already nighttime when we arrived, so I didn’t lose time and gave a good round of the home-made booze I had brought (grapes rakia with scent of honey). My gf was supposed to meet a friend of hers with whom she was very close from back in the years studying in the Sorbonne. The Turkish chick had her attorney-in-law practice and actually invited us to stay with her in the loft above the office. As described it was a mirrored bed, spacey and with a beautiful view over Asiatic part of Istanbul. I never had the chance to see it as there was the condition bed is big enough for three of us and the host chick had no objection in sharing it with us but my gf did. It was a big disappointment as she was the one to call for a good-sex-based relationship and this jealousy shit all of a sudden came out of nowhere. In the go of the night (and conduct of the Turkish chick) I got more or less convinced I missed a great night for the three of us. First fuck up! We strolled around the Taxim area bars and the Istiklal bound ones. The CS party was at a bar that had several floors, each with its thematic sound and atmosphere. The Turkish goats were, of course, there with their childish and absurd approaches towards the girls – “U so byutiful. I want to merry you. You be my quin” and all that diabetic sleezy shit that their simple minds could reproduce. Therefore the Turkish chicks are dead about intelligent and in other way romantic guys of whatever in the West… After that we went to the “Araf” bar where I remember again strolling with the lift the different floors with different parties. At some moment I was dancing friendly with one Nigerian chubby mamma when one Greek loser started to shout of jealousy and approached me with a knife. Me and my gf gave him a good lesson the hard way and went on partying. Some time in the mid of the night we decided to go back to the hostel as we were wasted. Another Bulgarian friend of ours went to another bar, known for reggae and ska with two chicks from the gathering – an American and a Chinese from Inner Mongolia (a rather smart chick). He came in the morning, totally wasted, just as me and gf had some discreet play in the dorm while all the other sleeping. He laughed and shared just a couple of lines, implicating it was his Swedish night :). Later the same day just as me and gf approached Taxim square for a meeting, there was a huge sudden bomb explosion. It was crazy I’m telling you! Later at the Kapali carsi out of nowhere a 100% medieval Japanese dressed in a rather expensive kimono crossed our path… Later in the evening there was a big party in the nearby university campus. I preferred not to go as I don’t like this type of masses concentrations with polite non-sense talks and cheep beer. Instead, I stayed in the hostel where I had a very splendid talk with a very charming Serbian traveler who worked for the hostel. There was that imminent click between us. Talking on her law studies, Belgrade nightlife, her recent trip and experiences in Tanzania and around, the explosion of today. We talked mildly and drank a bit of booze and who knows what was to come after but all of a sudden again my gf jumped in from nowhere, swearing at me, calling me infidel and such shit. It turned she never went to the party but stayed outside all of the time spying on us. Therefore I left my 50 cent in your other article on living with a gf but that’s another story. It was her second fuck up in two days.