RollerMouse Red Wireless by Contour Design Inc. ErgoCanada – Detailed Specification Page

The RollerMouse Red Wireless by Contour Design is a central pointing device which uses an easy-to-access 1" diameter rollerbar instead of a traditional mouse and is designed to sit immediately in front of your keyboard below the space bar. This allows the user to perform all mousing activity inline in the area immediately "below" their keyboard, eliminating the need to reach for a mouse. The RollerMouse Red Wireless is ideally suited for workspaces with insufficient room for a mouse in that it frees up space, providing more room for a user with limited available space.

The RollerMouse Red Wireless from Contour Design is the latest member of the RollerMouse family of inline / central pointing devices. It has the most significant changes made to the Rollermouse design so far: sleek aluminum housing that is solid and sturdy; a newly redesigned rollerbar with added thickness and texture; and a completely different tracking technology from that used in previous models.

The improved redesign of the Red makes cursor control more precise and effortless without compromising durability and robustness, replacing the old mechanical clicking with a newer "virtual" clicking mechanism. It is the most advanced model in the RollerMouse family. It is also available in both a wired and wireless model.

Like all RollerMice, the user moves the cursor by rolling a "dowel" or cylindrical control bar with the fingertips to move the cursor "up" and "down", and sliding this bar from side to side for horizontal movement. Once the desired location is achieved, the user can generate a left click by pressing down on the bar (the force required for this is adjustable from ultra-light touch to highly tactile). Eight buttons and a scroll wheel are located below the bar to generate left/middle/right clicks, copy, paste, back, forward and vertical scrolling. There is also a cursor speed button between the copy and paste buttons for five different speed settings from 800 to 2400 dpi. The Red also comes with adjustable keyboard "risers" to lift up conventional and compact single piece keyboards.

• Wireless Technology: The RollerMouse Red Wireless uses wireless technology to allow the desktop to be free of cords/cables, so that clutter can be minimized and workable space maximized. By bundling the Red Wireless with Contour’s Balance Keyboard, it is possible to use the wireless dongle from either the Red Wireless or the Balance Keyboard (this essentially gives the user an extra dongle backup in case one of them is lost).

• Thicker Rollerbar: Although all Rollermice have the unique "rollerbar" to control the cursor, only the Red Wireless has the largest diameter sleeve. The thicker rollerbar sleeve is also textured with micro-dots, so that finger tactility is greatly increased, giving the user better control of the device and making it as accurate a control as any other regular mouse.

• Aluminum Housing: The RollerMouse Red Wireless has been given aircraft-quality aluminum housing not only to protect the components within from damage but to allow the unit itself to attach to keyboard trays via tray-mounting hardware (included). The solid housing helps prevent twisting or bending that could potentially affect the functionality of the rollerbar functionality, especially if it is used on uneven surfaces.

• Rollerbar Tracking Technology: The RollerMouse Red Wireless’s unique feature is the newly redesigned rollerbar, a cylindrical tracking device with sensors (800 to 2400 dpi) built right into the bar itself. The rollerbar works by the user rolling the bar to move the cursor up and down on the screen. To move the cursor left or right, the user simply slides the rollerbar side to side. This technology adjusts cursor speed and acceleration to best suit your movements.

• Percussionless Clicking: In order to give the feeling of tactility to the rollerbar when it is depressed, special sensors are used to generate a percussionless click. This mechanism also allows such ‘clicks’ to be generated at different levels of activation, depending on the user’s preferences. This feature can also be turned off completely, so that no audible click is heard while depressing the rollerbar to generate a left click mousing action.

• Eight Button Functions: There are two easy options to perform a left click. Either push down on the navigation bar itself, or click on the large left button in the button control area. Other button functions include a traditional right click button, a single touch double click button, a scroll wheel, a cursor speed button, "one touch" copy and "one touch" paste, as well as a middle click or autoscroll.

• Click Sound Adjustabilily: The rollerbar sensors mentioned above also allow the user to control the sound volume of the clicking action of the rollerbar, since the older mechanical click has been replaced with the percussionless clicking sound generated by a different mechanism inside the rollerbar. If desired, this clicking sound can be turned off completely, or adjusted to the comfort level of the user.

• Five Functions for the Double Click Button: The RollerMouse Red Wireless’s double click button can change usage so that five different functions can be performed: Middle Click, Double Click, Left Click, Right Click, and Freeze Click. "Freeze Click" is used to recenter or reposition the cursor without moving the cursor with the rollerbar. This can be useful, for example, in multi-monitor setups.