Rock me amadeus! how many countries in europe held colonial possessions in 1914

As you can see in the movie itself the scenario in most of the scenes is of 800 a.d. old times before the use of steam and engineering devices. There was metallurgy but only at its core, not even electricity wires! The metals list of countries in eastern europe were used to built artistic bends, metal cover over carriage wheels, swords pikes armour and lamp posts. If one goes into that part world there most people would be of sweat odour, partial darkness and mainly wooden smell as everything was of wood!

Do you know that sound waves propagated if reflected then gives an echo effect which distorts the sound. At that time there was no amplifier, nor accoustic wires neither speakers for instruments! So the auditorium is kept in such a way interiors, the curtains so as to transmit the sound waves such as not to produce the echo effect!

How come the opera singers could sing in 800 a.d. times such louder that everyone could hear properly!!!?

If you notice at many stage scenes in amadeus movie there are structures in the shape of sea-shells kept at the edges! Perhaps they were of old times accoustic propagation methods…maybe they reflected the sound waves back! Or perhaps they lead to wooden chambers vents in the walls which surrounded the sound waves in the auditorium acting like speakers! LOL

The trademark of Byzantine times were to hit the pike on the ground thrice to attend the emperor by their soldiers! These were wearing red coat and their height must have been very high! These soldiers were last seen in the turnover of 16th century. Which were then replaced by British East India company soldiers who wore similar color but their dress was not how countries in europe alike!

Now many of you on this specific forum might not be hailing from other non-byzantine countries. Many of you might be slav prussians, englishmen, germans, spanish! You yourself might be familiar with byzantine empire or it might be that the young generations to come have altered their brains considerably so as not to remember anything! There might be many paintings, heritages, music archives, banned history books in your localised countries clearly stating about veronabay byzantine times 800 a.d. But you would give it a blind or maybe your forefathers might had even denied its existence!

Emanuel schikaneder, herr mozart’s distant brother must had been a very tall fat burlesque white germanic person wearing a shawl unlike the portrayal as in amadeus movie! I checked into my mind memories that if i had herr mozart memories, then surely emanuel schikaneder must have been closest as constanze weber, leopold and salieri. So i saw emanuel schikaneder sometimes used to visit the herr mozart house. He was fairly tall and had some difficulty in speaking. When he left it was midnight, i saw outside and it was spooky darkness. The village was lit only by torch fire.

There were not many a houses at that time in 800 a.d., but the scenery looked like lighted romanesque gothic architecture like in between a jungle with a river running beside. Perhaps herr mozart in his latter half of his life had chosen to remain away from people and the city. So emanuel schikaneder used to visit him way across the city to invite him to his theatre of the world with his small family.

What i think looking at amadeus movie is that all the main characters of the movie right from antonio salieri, constanze weber, catarina cavalieri, emperor joseph 2, count orsini rosenberg, kappelmeister bono, frau weber, emanuel schikaneder, baron van sweiten…all seem of the same genetics characteristics like coming from the same family.

Another thing to note that the dress they wear men wearing long knee length socks is a dress style pertaining to the 800 a.d. byzantine era. I study that since this race went into another time dimension and never 6 countries in europe returned. The then coming generations karmic seem somewhat other races. Like now i imagine any european foreigner male wearing the long knee length socks they never suit anyone! Not even me!

I had seen many a times rajabhai tower clock in veronabay bombay. What was the name of it in 1300 a.d.? Mostly all the buildings structures nearby of it seem very old dilapidated like ransacked. Some seem like razed. Some buildings i went inside and saw wooden steps like as in old english movies, dusty and smelly. From far it looks like Byzantine main building palace.

Then there is another structure i like the most in my dreams perhaps! When going towards the colaba, there is a theatre named eros. Just beside it, is infact a castle. But when i had went there a year back i had seen a shamiana like fairy tale castle but then it was not there! Then some months back i went there i had seen vintage grey brick castle with corner towers at the very place but it was not there! So perhaps my eyes see some hallucinations like mind’s creations! (or is this world magical?)

Just the other day i went near the byzantine queen victoria palace and walked far to the other side of it. I imagined the odd rainy serene day when this palace stood in its glory days in 1300 a.d. Upon nearing it seems very huge structure. But if i study the windows architecture, it seems like the gothic byzantine palace looks very small. Like the king, queen, prince, princess, knights and soldiers were short height white race!

Just when i was strolling at the byzantine victoria palace at Veronabay bombay, my feets stopped looking at a woman tourist. Normally i never stare at any white foreigner tourist. But this white woman was taking pictures of the byzantine palace. She was wearing skimpy clothes, had white spots on her face, had a very big nose and her hairs were golden long showing that she had aged somewhat! I said in my mind what an incredible looks. Normally list of countries in europe with capitals not all foreigner tourists are good looking but she looked fine. Beside her was a very old foreigner man with a cool nose and upright posture. His hairs had greyed and withered away! He too was taking pictures. Just then i saw from the other side of the road another older man like spanish looking came towards them. So then i decided to move away so as i had to go to some other place by bus. I still was thinking who could that good looking white woman could be!!? And i recalled that i had seen that spanish old man somewhere on tv. Then after half an hour had passed and still i was thinking my grey cells. And yes i had seen that man at some wimbledon tennis match! So the next day i checked on the internet that the beautifull white woman was none another than tennis superstar champion Steffi Graf, now 42 year old. And beside her was her old father just as the pictures in the internet. Also the spanish old man with them was seen sitting in the audience in many of steffi graf matches of 93, 94, 95…seasons!!! Her height was 6feet and her dad was 6feet 2inch.

I wanted to have her autograph but so many people on the streets no one was even looking at them i mean if even some indian office goers or collegiates had shown some significance that they are infact celebrity. So i might had recognized her. And as she was wearing a black goggle i couldn’t see her eyes. Whereas she turned around twice and looked at me! And i thought she was an ordinary person!

I was not a fan of steffi graf but as i used to watch her matches in 93′, 94’…she seems to have been a heart throb once but i didn’t noticed it. She was very serious during her career and smiled just when she won. When i saw steffi how many countries in eastern europe graf in real she seemed had not applied make-up. So i would like to dedicate this song just for her cause i like her!

Byzantine empire was perhaps the earliest known empires of pertaining to rome, italy. As you say that they peaked their dominance in years 600 a.d., in that time then civilizations were of medieval christian times wearing pre-historic dresses and gowns! It could be a possibility that in certain time changes some civilizations made rapid changes in industrial and modernist developments of their times! So the Byzantine Queen Victoria Palace of veronabay could had been made earlier than 1300 a.d., might be in 900 a.d. ….when there were no roads and perhaps there was mostly jungles away from the seas(as other structures around it comparingly look no of countries in europe reconstructed)! So for two hundred years it had its glory days from 900 a.d. to 1100 a.d. Then after as Byzantine empire collapsed since 1300 a.d. then after structures like this were mostly vacated, in ruins, dilapidated, dark….! So in industrial age from 1500 a.d. onwards someone (british east india company)might had seen it and thought about renovating it so as to preserve it! Made it a railway route perhaps in 1800 a.d. by laying tracks for steam engines!

The palaces in britain are not like this palaces. As they seem somewhat modern architecture! Here byzantine palaces seem unusual from far it seems like minaret but looking closer its infact christian gothic!!! It reminds me of funny slow london films an analogy like tonga horses passing by, then the clock bells, raining, old style dressed white men and women speaking british accent in 15th century!

So i am confused that why would Byzantine empire built a mock queen victorian palace and other architectures in veronabay just for amusement! They must have fought small battles somewhere in time around 600 a.d.! So who might had built the forts, laid the stones? As some forts are mighty big ones over the mountains! In indian history there is only french and portugal who brought infantry to test the forts! And the first battle said to have fought by clive rice, battle of plassey in 1590s(or were the last byzantine armies retreating from india?)! Even the cannons are inscribed in urdu! But i think the byzantine army must have fought some battles to gain the effort and establishment in 600 a.d.???

I tried my memory banks but i didn’t find that i remember the Byzantine Queen Victoria Palace of veronabay and neither the Knights’ Chamberlain in opposite side of it! Like as if i have never been to its place in my past lives i could recall! Perhaps when times changes and centuries went by many things scenarios changes! So one cannot recall if things were the same or if i had visited it earlier! I only recall that i once had visited a similar palace which now is called the ‘chaparral prince of wales museum’ perhaps in year 1670s when there was peacefull times. The scenery was green with many plantations, trees across the beautifull palace of wales and birds chirpy sounds! Then on one day it said to have a visit from some dignitary! And to my surprise it was prince charles duplicate who visited on a serene day! He looked at all the rooms of the palace as it was empty! There were not even east india company guards! Only some indians! Funny that this all the countries in europe prince of wales museum was supposed to be behind the ‘knights’ chamberlain building’ somewhere now is seen so called ‘xavier’s college and cama hospital'(new creations of 1850s)!!! But in modern day i find the prince of wales palace museum is now located at left side of colaba veronabay! Does that mean the original was demolished and a duplicate replica was built to commemorate it?? So is prince charles too is reincarnated in modern day?

Then i remember also a very famous battle scene perhaps its the battle of buxor! The above portraits remind me of a cruel battle which was fought between Last known Byzantine army versus the nawab of bengal armies. The stage ground was set agreed upon by both sides. So the indians armies then comprising of many lethargy soldiers were seen gathering and setting up their cannons! They said the byzantine armies peculiarity was that they did formations someplace nearby! As the indian armies had to wait for the byzantine in trenches perhaps! When night fell, a peculiar sound was heard like a continuous chime coming from the cavalry tongas and carts wheels(like clanging of chains). Also the fast running horse cavalry hooves’ sound unlike any other was also heard from far! So the byzantine armies fought their battles in the dark! After some hours all war chants were heard from both sides and exchanges being made! Then the byzantine armies first sustained indian rifles and small cannons. And then when things were not going in their sides they brought their very huge cannons! Then when the byzantine left the battle and many indians soldiers were seen in extreme casualties! And the atmosphere was all dark and smoke! Perhaps there were casulties in byzantine army too! I neared one of the huge cannons of byzantine army and it was much bigger in size! Its exploding sound was enormous! I was amazed to see how could indian army soldiers some countries in europe could survive barrage of byzantine artillery!!! After this battle the indian army was defeated badly and byzantine army under hector munro (a anti-indian)were never to be found again! They just vanished in thin air!