Requirements for Grant Requests JSA Medical Education

All applicants are required to register within the Educational Grants System prior to submitting an application. Third Parties serving as Educational Planners for educational activities will also be invited to register. Applicants may identify Third Parties at the time of registration or during the application process. Please see FAQs for specific detail about the registration process and eligibility. ORGANIZATIONS ELIGIBLE TO SUBMIT GRANTS

As part of our commitment to support independent educational activities, Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC believes it is important to foster medical profession accountability for independent medical education. As such, our medical education department only considers requests for financial support for independent healthcare provider education, whether certified or not, from academic medical centers, hospitals, medical societies, professional associations, governmental agencies, and quality-based organizations.

Other organizations and institutions may have a bona fide role in developing or delivering innovative educational activities but do not meet these criteria. While such organizations are not eligible for our direct financial support we do encourage appropriate and transparent collaborations between such organizations and eligible recipients.

The Educational Grants System requires manual entry of some information as well as document uploads. You will need to have the following information on hand when you are ready to submit a request into the Educational Grants System. To download a blank reference copy for any of the application forms, click on any of the links under the section called "Blank Registration and Applications for Reference" within the Submit/View page.

A note on Government Employees. If any person participating in the development or delivery of the CE Activity is a government employee (Federal, State, or Local), the requestor must obtain a signed copy of explicit written approval by an authorized representative of the applicable government agency to participate in the CE Activity in a form substantially similar to the Government Affiliation and Participation form that can be found on the Submit/View tab under “Forms”. This written approval must be received and on file with the requestor prior to any work being performed on the CE Activity. A copy does not have to be provided to Janssen Scientific Affairs. ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR SUBMISSION OF GRANTS ≥ $50,000 (Excluding Fellowship Applications)

Detailed needs assessment and learning objectives for the proposed educational activity or platform, which should include information about the source(s) and methodology used to identify the medical educational need(s). It is strongly recommended that at least 3 separate sources are utilized to support the identified educational need. Examples of sources used to perform a needs assessment may include:

Patient/Caregiver grants are not intended to support education with a healthcare provider or allied healthcare provider (ie, social workers, case managers, treatment educators) audience or for activities that provide CME/CE credits. These grants are intended to support education for PATIENTS or the public only. FELLOWSHIP SUPPORT REQUIREMENTS

Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC may provide salary and fringe support of a fellow’s research. Fellowship support grants are provided only to organizations that have a bona fide selection committee to select the final recipient. All fellowship programs requesting financial support must have 3 or more fellows in the program and the program must be related to a therapeutic area of interest to Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC. The organization has sole control over selecting the beneficiary. For more information on grants for fellowship programs, please send your question to

Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC may support fellow’s travel to eligible meetings that have a focus on a therapeutic area of interest to the company. Grants may be awarded to an academic/training institution, medical society, or professional association. The organization must have a bona fide selection process, and select recipients independent of Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC input.