Reinvention, Innovation at Shanghai Jewellery Fair 2018

What’s more, the cooperation between the Shanghai International Brand Jewelry Center and Shanghai Jewellery Fair is instrumental in providing the unifying thread between various lifestyle elements, such as clothing, handbags, leather, cosmetics, home furnishings and artworks. Carrying these elements through to everyday life unlocks a whole new way of living for the Chinese high end consumer. This is particularly true for millennial consumers, aged 20 to 34, who are major drivers of China’s lifestyle market. According to consultancy Bain & Co’s 2017 China Luxury Report, cosmetics, women’s wear and jewellery were the top categories for this age group, helping boost their sales by 20% annually.

Knowing what resonates with consumers, what next? This is where the Shanghai Jewellery Fair comes in.

Launching the "Crossover·Shining Your Life" programme, experts in their field are at hand to showcase snippets of an exquisite lifestyle: jewellery designers, apparel designers and makeup artists transform the looks of the models; a fitness trainer advises the models on their postures; and an interior designer sets up the backdrop for the scenes. All these are aimed to encourage and inspire.

A summit during the fair sets the stage for brainstorming for more crossover ideas; the kinds that would spark innovations and perhaps alliances that will open up business opportunities for all involved. Speakers renowned in their field will provide insights on the promising future of crossover collaboration and how the jewellery business can harness such alliance. They are:

Mr Tan of UBM China ( Guangzhou) Co., Ltd says reinventing the jewellery exhibitions landscape by injecting crossover elements such as these is the Shanghai Jewellery Fair’s contribution in supporting and further advancing China’s jewellery market. "It’s no secret that it contracted in recent years, but it’s been recovering slowly but surely since 2017," he says. "Jewellers’ efforts to improve design and respond to the needs of today’s consumers through astute market research are starting to bear fruit."

Another exciting feature buyers should watch out for at the Shanghai Jewellery Fair is the third annual Asia-Pacific Jewellery & Watch Expo. The result of UBM Asia’s strategic alliance with the Shanghai NIU International Exhibition Co., Ltd, this classic feature transmits the different life philosophies and attitudes of designers through their works. Each jewellery and timepiece has as much a story to tell as the art works that will also grace the expo.

An innovation making its debut this year is the Chinese Culture Pavilion. Exhibitors in this pavilion will explore connections between jewellery characteristics and the five elements that are central to the Chinese culture – metal, wood, water, fire and earth. "We believe these represent the five kinds of energy that make up the universe," says Tan. "Each one of them provide a guiding direction for the works of the artists exhibiting in this pavilion." Exhibitors will showcase related products in booths under the corresponding five themes, thus allowing buyers to find products easily.