Provider Credentialing for Durable Medical Equipment Companies – Thriveworks

Opening a DME Company takes a lot of time, money, patience, and some perseverance mixed with luck. Like starting a new business, there are a thousand things that must be done to open your doors. But Durable Medical Equipment businesses have their own set of unique hoops that they must complete before they can successfully open their doors.

It is called many different things: DME credentialing, DME provider enrollment, insurance credentialing, Durable Medical Equipment medical credentialing, getting on insurance panels; it all is the same thing. It means that you have become “in network” with the insurance companies. Once you receive provider credentialing, you can now bill insurance and receive your payments as an “in-network” provider. Which usually means you can accept a lot more clients and your claims are paid on time.

Being in network with some of the smaller companies gives you access to clients and potential customers that will see you because no one else can. Being provider credentialed with BCBS is great, but there are thousands in your area completing provider credentialing with BCBS. So the next best thing, seeking provider credentialing with the smaller companies where there is no competition.

Start the provider credentialing process early on. First, it is best to get an office space, a business bank account, and a business organization together, but go ahead and plan the credentialing process. When getting credentialing, it is best to have a location mapped out, but the location can be changed (as long as it is in the same state) without a huge ordeal.

Next, get all of your information ready. You will need license information, background documents, insurance, copies of relevant information, and a CV that shows what you have been doing every day of your life since Kindergarten (maybe, a wee bit of exaggeration, but do show you activities since college). The CV/Resume must have a month and year for every entry.

Each insurance carrier will have their own process, but first you must go through the process of “credentialing”. Credentialing means they verify everything about you. Remember the CV that records everything – this is why that is necessary. When that is complete – your file with all of your credentialing materials, goes to a committee and you either pass or fail. This is a 90-120 day process.

Considering the amount of time, you begin to see why DME provider credentialing is a necessary start to running your private practice. You don’t want to open your doors, and in month two of not seeing any clients, start provider credentialing. It could be months before the benefits of being in network kick-in, and they you are up the creek without a paddle.

Hire our credentialing specialists. We want to save you the headaches, the stress, and TIME. Instead of spending 10+ hours on each application and additional time following up with the insurance companies (for months to come), you can focus on helping your customers. We’ll take care of those applications and get you on those panels. It’s our job, as our team is made up of credentialing specialists who possess the skills, training, and experience needed to get it done.

DME Provider credentialing process is necessary to getting your practice off the ground. It is the difference between barely making it and thriving. While it can be time consuming, we can help. Give our team a call today at 1-855-664-5154and someone will talk to you about getting on panels for a very reasonable price. Let our team focus on what they do best, so you can focus on what you do best. If you would like the credentialing specialists to contact you via email, please fill out the form below.