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Professional Percussion Products is proud to announce and showcase the SUPERDRUM series of 12-Lug orchestral snare drums. Orchestral models featuring a player’s shell-choice of 6-ply cross-laminated natural American Sugar Maple, One-piece cast Aluminum shell or One-piece Cast solid Brass shell. Maple model is also available in 9 or 10-ply shell configurations as a special order.

WHY 12 LUGS? Superdrum takes snare-drum-building tradition a step further by increasing the tension points and creating an unsurpassed accuracy and sensitivity with an extremely wide dynamic range. Clarity and definition of an orchestral snare sound which "speaks" in every concert hall setting, brings the snare voice to a new standard, and level of articulation.

About SUPERDRUM- The concept of a twelve lug snare drum has been around for over three decades, but never available as a U.S.

manufactured specialty drum with the design focus on sound and performance. Superdrum has developed a select following for drumset snare drums, offering a wide spectrum of sizes and shell materials and snare mechanisms. Now, Professional Percussion Products brings the orchestral snare drum models to the attention and demand of those orchestral professionals seeking a better snare drum at a more affordable price.

About Superdrum Founder, Dave "Bedrock" Bedrosian- Professional drummer, teacher, author and drum designer, Dave Bedrosian is an active recognized professional in Los Angeles maintaining and active performance and teaching schedule. Highly influenced by his prominent teachers like Alan Dawson and orchestral percussionists George Goneconto, Dave brings that performance passion to each of his students and is the foundation for the DRUM DISCIPLINE educational DVD series, published by Hal Leonard. A sought-after clinician, his appearances throughout Southern California are highly publicized and attended events in collaboration with his endorsement of Xcel Drum Sticks. Visit his website at

The original Signature Ron Vaughn single-slot solid body Woodblocks have become the orchestral percussion section standard. Clarity of tone, pitch and enhanced resonance of every block size make these a must for any section. Select one or two blocks or an entire family creating an array of sound. All sizes of Ron Vaughn Woodblocks are IN-STOCK!

Author David Kent has been Principal Timpanist and Orchestra Personnel Manager of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra since 1981. This unique book includes close to 100 annotated excerpts and a comprehensive range of contemporary timpani performance practice issues. The result of his direct comments and recommendations results in an entertaining and informative journey in the world of Music Making, from the Timpanist’s position.

Professional Percussion Products is fast becoming the resource of choice for selecting and purchasing orchestral timpani heads for orchestras, conservatories, individual players, colleges, universities and high schools. Working with both EVANS and REMO factories, we have developed a relationship that assures all of our customers the very finest selection of timpani heads available in the market.

With all the different styles and types of orchestral snare drum heads that are available, we stock, sell and ship ALL OF THEM. There is never a question of having this available for immediate shipment, we specialize in heads for the orchestral player and the vast array of different heads that you want to equip your orchestral snare drum with.

We have assembled an assortment of the most in-demand TOM GAUGER, GROVER PRO, JG PERCUSSION and BALTER Concert Bass Drum Beaters. Now YOU have the opportunity to test-play all the various sizes, shapes, sounds and special affects on a Concert Bass Drum. Your selection possibilities are endless. Every serious player develops an arsenal of Concert Bass Drum Beaters – for "just the right sound".

A complete guide for the orchestral cymbal player, Cymbalisms was authored by Frank Epstein. This book shares a host of musical and magical moments in his experience as a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. This book/2-CD package discusses the concepts of sound, musicianship, precision, articulation, color, balance, and response in orchestral cymbal playing as it relates to some of the greatest works in the orchestral repertoire. Cymbal players will gain valuable insight on developing a good sound through the many personally developed and formulated strokes contained within. The accompanying CDs feature over 100 excerpts from orchestral literature (performed by the Boston Symphony Orchestra) to help demonstrate the vast array of cymbal techniques and artistry required in the music from the greatest composers of the orchestral repertoire.

Randy Max’s book: "Orchestral Excerpts for Timpani, with an audio CD of orchestral performances of each excerpt, plus practice tracks" you will find just that (and much more); authentic parts to 57 of the most requested audition excerpts and 78 tracks of classic audio. The CD begins with the impeccable St. Louis Symphony recording of the excerpt from Barber’s Medea, and concludes 77 tracks later with a dramatic performance of the excerpt passage from Siegfried’s Funeral March from Wagner’s Gotterdammerung, played by the Berlin Philharmonic and von Karajan.

"I have heard the statement "too much knowledge is dangerous"; however when it comes to preparing for an audition, the more knowledge you have the more prepared you are. Randy Max has written a book that gives you not only the music but information about the variations of tempi one can expect for the excerpt, historical facts about the music, BIOs of the composers and suggestions for practicing, tuning and sticking for both American and German style timpani playing. All this and a CD that accompanies the book so the excerpts can be heard and practiced. Orchestral Excerpts for Timpani is a "must have" book for the serious timpanist preparing for an audition. The 57 passages represent the most requested audition excerpts and are done in a well organized, informative and easy to read manner. Highly recommended."

For the timpanist who might be learning orchestral repertoire for the first time, or revisiting it, the ‘recommended recordings’ list is also very helpful. The professional timpanist will also enjoy the variety of musical and technical options presented in this book. Options include: edited dynamics for balance considerations, changes in drum arrangement, stickings, illustrations, and other items of interest. The repertoire in this volume is the most commonly requested music at auditions today.

We are pleased to announce our stocking and selling imported Super Kalfo Irish Calf Heads. For the past five years we have been developing this highly specialized part of the orchestral percussion showroom’s business. Our desire to professionally assist the top timpanist and orchestras around the world in acquiring top quality calf heads has grown tremendously with the increasingly demand and popularity for calf heads. We now provide turn-key service, removing the customer’s inconvenience with the complicated import, duty, taxes and currency exchange issues.

Super Kalfo heads have become the standard of the world for timpani, concert bass drum and snare drum batter heads. Considered the oldest manufacturer of skin heads in Europe, the firm’s name as Vellum and Parchment Works LTD is considered the finest professional source for quality skin heads, made to each individual player’s specifications and preferences.