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Those who put together power rankings seem to take one of two roads to their compilation: who patagonia online’s hot at the moment or who has the best record. Sometimes, if the pundits are lucky, a team will be both, but what of the Nets who have been hot now for nearly six weeks, since December 6, but are still just above patagonia s .500? They’ve moved up, of course, but despite their wins, their 17-5 record over that stretch, they can’t seem to break into the top 10.

The Nets have climbed above .500 (and into sixth place in the East) with a three-game winning streak featuring miraculous comebacks in Houston (from an 11-point deficit patagonia store finder with less than four minutes left in regulation) and Orlando (from a 21-point deficit). Those were the kinds patagonia outlet chile of turnarounds that the Nets were on the wrong side of several weeks ago, and they’ve turned their season around without improving all that significantly on either end of the floor.

As they started the season 8-18, they were 4-12 in games that were within five co patagonia points in the last five minutes. As they’ve won 16 of their last 21, they’re 10-2 in games that were within five in the last five. D’Angelo Russell’s inability to get to the basket patagonia outlet or the free throw line make it difficult for him to be consistent; He had 74 points against the Celtics and Magic last week and only five of those 74 came in the restricted area (four) or on free throws (one). But his ability to bounce back patagonia shop online from games when he doesn’t have it and is on the bench down the stretch (as was the case in Houston) is a clear sign of maturity. Kevin Arnovitz, ESPN (13)

Remember when the knock on the Nets was their inability to close getting to patagonia out games? In 2019, the Nets rank second overall in net rating during clutch minutes — the last five minutes of games when the margin is five points or fewer — and are 4-0 in these nail-biters. Sitting at the No. 6 position in the East, Brooklyn now plays seven of its next 10 games at Barclays Center, including home tilts against Orlando, New York and Chicago (twice). Khadrice Rollins, Sports Illustrated (11)

As the Brooklyn Nets ride patagonia annual sale a 16-5 wave over their previous 21 games, let’s take a look at what Sean Marks has done since he took over the Brooklyn Nets. The turnaround of the roster patagonia products and the direction of the organization is pretty remarkable. The Nets went from being fleeced laughingstocks to a dangerous opponent almost every night. They currently sit sixth in the East playoff race, and while it’s too early to call them a lock, their competition below them certainly makes them look pretty likely patagonia logo. So let’s look at every major change Marks has made to this roster since taking over in mid-February of 2016:

These are all small and medium moves, but they all completely makeup the positivity and success of this visit patagonia chile current Nets team. It also leaves them entirely flexible this summer while still having some future picks to use. Marks has been nothing short of brilliant in an impossible situation and the Nets are in a great position both short-term and patagonia about long-term. He’s done all of this in under two years. Yes, Danny Ainge fleeced the previous regime, but Marks has all but corrected that. Tommy Beer, Yahoo! Sports (14)

The Nets are 16-5 in their last 21 games. They are 9-1 at home, which is tied for the second-best patagonia on map home record in the league since December 7th patagonia web special, trailing only the Nuggets, who are 11-1. Of their five losses since Dec 7, four of them have been against the top four teams in the Eastern Conference, with three of those four defeats on the road (at Toronto, at Boston, and at Milwaukee). Grant Hughes, Bleacher Report (14)