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Each level per Building that you upgrade adds a certain amount of power. If you have a level 10 building, the total power you have recieved from that building is the power of that level + all the previous levels OR that level’s power x 2. This applies to all levels, the power is cumulative. For example: power for level 1 + level 2 + level 3 = power for a level 4 building.

The first step in this build paris france address is in your city. We recommend only building one garrison as training times in city are slow and level 16 and 17 homes in city give a nice little march boost. Build one of each required building, one garrison and fill the rest of the spots with homes. Level the garrison up to 7 for LBM and spies and when you have time, get it up to 8 or 9 so the training times won’t be abysmal at the beginning.

In general, don paris france map google’t worry about slow training times as that’s what Testronius items (especially infusions) are for and you’ll almost never train in your city anyway once you have your OPs.

Having more homes gives more population which allows you to make more troops at once. The effect of this is two-fold. First, it allows you to grow at a faster rate (power-wise and troops-wise). Although the troops take longer to train, it’ll pay off in the end when you have all the troops you need for various tasks in the game (i.e. enough Longbowman (LBM) to wave for eggs and armour and enough Lava Jaws (LJ’s) to hit a level 11 camp when your research is up to snuff). Second, more troops in one queue means more power per queue which means fewer queues which saves speeds when doing power challenges and bracketed tournaments.

If you’re in a good alliance with some high powered players then resources won’t be a problem and you should just build one of each field building for research purposes. If you’re going at it alone, the task is tougher at the beginning so you may want to build a storage vault and perhaps a few places in paris france farms in your field to help curb the food production (not too many though since they take away from your population). You can always null them later when you have plenty of food and a decent level of rationing. Also when where is paris in france you get to an advanced stage of the game, you can always farm level 11 camps to get a large amount of food quickly.

Homes build pretty quickly compared to other buildings so levelling them up shouldn’t take that long and for this build, getting all homes to level 9 is the highest priority once everything is in place. This way you can get maximum population for queuing troops to stimulate growth. The required buildings are the same as in the classic build with storage vault and theatre being optional.

Many experienced players say don’t build a theatre because you can keep your tax rate at zero and have all your population and then spike it to 50% when troops are queued up. That works pretty well but there is an advantage to having a theatre. It allows you to keep a steady tax rate of 20% to generate gold while retaining all of your population. Gold is a very important resource and is essential for paris france hotel deals training the “untrainable troops” so having a steady gold income can prove advantageous in that situation. The more you generate, the less you have to hunt down gold glitches for. Of course doing this is completely optional but it has its advantages. In later game, the gold you are able to generate will be next to nothing compared to the billions(or trillions) of resources you can get from gliches paris france area.

Setup for your outposts is generally the same as city with some variation to account for the different functions of the different Outposts. There are 27 spots in your outpost with 1 muster point and 1 silo. The silo holds resources that you produce in your Outposts. Since we advise you not to build resource sites in your outposts, you will not need any silos in your Ops. We recommend using a Mass Nullifier on your silos in all Outposts. This will give you 28 slots to build on. Since this is about having maximum population, we will focus primarily on having mostly homes in your outposts with a few exceptions when did paris become the capital of france.

Banshees are a great speed troop for farming camps and pretty useful in combat because of their high speed. They take a while to train but they’re not very good power builders so we recommend keeping the TC’s down to the same number you put in your Water OP (i.e. 6-8). Tip for power building: Battle Dragons are an excellent troop for power building and combat. They may seem slower than Banshees on the surface but Dragonry paris france subway map research makes them slightly faster. They’re nice for absorbing damage and they’re 7 power for 6 pop which is better than the 6-6 ratio of Banshees.

Frost Giants are by far the best elite power builder in the game and they’re very handy to have around for walling and Soul Reapers are extremely important for growth as they allow you to revive large amounts of troops in your Spectral Ruins. For this reason, we recommend putting 10-12 TC’s in this OP to help curb the long training times that frostiest and reapers have.

Petrified Titans are extremely useful to have around for walling but they’re slower than molasses to train and having more TC’s doesn’t change that. They take 30 minutes per Titan to train and there’s nothing you can do about it. They also require gold and Blue Energy hotel b square paris france to train as well as 14 pop so training them isn’t practical. They’re very easy to clone in large numbers so we recommend only putting one TC in here and filling the rest of the spots with homes to further increase your population.

Sand Striders are pretty useful to have around but they take Blue Energy and Anthropus Talismans to train so it’s easier just to clone them. Homes in the Solarian Highlands give 1.5x idle pop so this should be the primary place to build homes. As with Gaea, we recommend only putting one TC in Solarian to give you the maximum population for training troops.

Remember in the beginning when we said not to worry about slow training times? Well here’s why. Since drops on elite items from camps are too low to sustain training them for challenges and tournaments, most of what you train for power contests is what most players call france city paris “ fluff”. Basically this means Conscripts, Spies, Halberdsmen, and Minotaur’s. Many players include Swift Strike Dragons and Battle Dragons in that list but they are more useful than the other fluff troops. They can be very useful against camps when you are not able to train lava jaws. This OP is also where you train the “untrainable troops” because it’s faster than training them in your city. Therefore, we recommend filling all 27 spots in this france info paris OP with Training Camps(27 because there is 2 less spots in the cliffs of chronos than in other outposts). This helps make up for the slow training times in other Outposts and expedites training for power contests since this is where you will train most of your troops for those contests. HOWEVER, later in the game, you will not need to build a lot of training camps, You will have a lot of testronius items, and one or a few training camps can suffice.

The last outpost that needs attention is the Spectral Ruins. Since training times will be slow for elites in this build, you things to do in paris france will want to revive large batches of elites on a regular basis. To accomplish this, you will need a large amount of storage space in the form of Mausoleums. We recommend building 15 Mausoleums and 10 Dark Portals for a good balance between revival time and storage space. Note that Mausoleums are like homes in that they don’t take that long to upgrade while Dark Portals take a significant amount of time to upgrade, especially at the higher levels. Note that in later game, when you have a lot of dark testronius items, you only need one dark portal.

Once you’ve laid the foundation for this build as outlined above, the goals should be to focus on getting homes upgraded and research going. How convenient that you can do both at the same time. Since homes and low level research don’t take very long, it’s best to do that when you’re online and save the upgrades that take a while for when you’re going to be offline for a while. Levitation research decreases build time which proves useful for the upgrade fury that happens once everything’s been built. There’s also a Levitation boost in Sanctuary that can be used to augment the weather paris france hourly research boost and can be obtained through breeding.