Packaging peers react to loop’s daring reusable-packaging model packaging digest hotel de france paris 10

Last week’s announcement of Loop—a circular economy shopping platform with durable reusable and luxury paris france elevation packaging at its core—gained massive media attention from around the globe, including numerous packaging and sustainability publications, as well as Forbes, Bloomberg, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, BBC News, Reuters, Le HuffPost, Fortune and many more. So now that packaging professionals have heard about this ground-breaking initiative, what do they think about Loop?

Jason Foster, founder/chief reuser, Replenish: “It’s long overdue that reusable packaging is becoming the answer to solving waste, driving greater customer loyalty and creating a better branded experience for consumers. The next step in the evolution of how we design products is to recognize that the main ingredient in almost any consumer what to do in paris france product is water.

So to make the economics of ecommerce or any take-back packaging model sustainable, we need to design for liquid concentrates and allow the consumer to add the water at home. This simple act cuts the bulk and weight of many products by 90% and will make the biggest impact to fulfilling the promise of a circular economy.”

PlasticsToday contributing writer Clare Goldsberry asks, “Will consumers buy into the ‘milkman model’ to reduce plastic paris france background packaging waste?” Then she answers, “I have my doubts, given the fact that much research has gone into determining whether people will pay more for products packaged in more expensive biodegradable plastic. The answer is mostly no, but sometimes maybe.”

And, while Loop is not being promoted as a total solution to disposable plastic packaging, Goldsberry opines, “TerraCycle’s Loop platform is not a mass-market idea. It will most likely work tour bus paris france in New York City and Paris, as well as in other cities such as London, where it will be introduced later this year, and Toronto and Tokyo, where it will roll out next year. However, most of the plastic waste—80% by some estimates—in waterways and oceans originates in developing nations that have little to no infrastructure to handle trash of any kind, whether it’s metal, glass, textiles or plastic.”

Brian Wagner , co-founder and principal, PTIS LLC : “This week, PTIS and Leading Futurists are kicking off the latest in 20 years of Future of Packaging programs, with several leading companies, including some involved in Loop. So the timing for this announcement is awesome. Whatever the outcome, Loop will look different in 2030 than it does today and will inspire new ways of thinking!

“Somebody unknown said, ‘necessity (need pictures of paris france at night) is the mother of invention.’ Amazing how direct-to-consumer delivery has started a chain of innovations…add to that a need to reduce food waste, a future where growth and demand will outstrip supply, and for many reasons environmental sustainability creates increasing pressure on all of us to make changes. I also like to believe that responsible/conscious capitalism things to do in paris ky is the way forward for all successful organizations.

“This new supply chain model appears to incorporate some new (data and analytics) and old elements (milk delivery and returnable/refillable beer bottles). Loop is starting with great companies, with really smart people and deep pockets—that alone should help drive potential success. Maybe it will be right for millennials and Gen Z consumers, and anticipated future urbanization.

• If really a niche, what will the market value be of the substrates for recycling? Reducing high recycled paperboard and corrugated, and replacing with reusable totes, and potentially undesirable materials in the waste stream may not be the best answer. What are end paris france hotels near eiffel tower of use providers (such as Materials Recovery Facilities or MRFs) saying about Loop?

Kelly Cramer, senior manager at GreenBlue and the SPC—where she leads one of its fastest growing projects, the How2Recycle Label program—says, “It’s a welcome relief that brands are starting to experiment with reusable packaging—the time is beyond ripe. I hope that exploration of new systems like this that reframe the packaging/product relationship continue and succeed.”

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