Guevara offers his hand and Park slaps the hand and connects with a forearm. Park with a suicide dive onto Guevara. Park sends Guevara back into the ring but Guevara with a suicide dive of his own. They return to the ring and Park with an enzuigiri followed by a cross body. Park with a head scissors take down. Park with a punch and chop. Sammy with a drop kick and a running shoulder into the corner followed by a Tiger Feint Kick.

Sammy chops Park in the corner and then he floats over in the corner. Park with a Destroyer for a near fall. Park goes to the apron and he kicks Sammy. Park with a moonsault off the turnbuckles to the floor. Park chops Guevara against the guardrails. Guevara with a slam and he goes for a moonsault but Park moves and Sammy lands on his feet. Sammy with a shooting star press for a near fall.

Park with an enzuigiri. Park with a Spanish Fly for a near fall. Park kicks Sammy but Sammy with a forearm to the back and Guevara with a kick to the back from a burning hammer position. Guevara with a twisting plancha onto Park. Guevara goes up top and he goes for a shooting star press but lands on his feet and rolls through. Park with a piledriver for the three count.

Tom Lawlor is in the interview area. Tom is asked about his match with Shane Strickland. Tom says this will determine who is the franchise of this company. We know that we are going to get someone who can get through 39 other people and someone who can choke out anyone. What do we get from Shane Strickland? Will we get swerved by Shane? Will we get the man who was the MLW Champion or someone who cannot even make it into War Games.

Lance and Samu attack before the bell and focus on Brazil. Samu with a slam and Lance is tagged in. Lance with a chop and he kicks Hughes to the floor. Lance with a forearm to the back and a belly-to-back suplex attempt but Brazil lands on his feet. Brazil with a head scissors but he is sent to the floor. Brazil with a sunset flip for a near fall.

Brazil with a drop kick for a near fall. Brazil with a side head lock but Lance with a belly-to-back suplex. Lance with a chop and Samu tags in. Lance and Samu double team Brazil in the corner. Brazil with a drop down uppercut but Samu with a forearm. Lance tags back in and he connects with a forearm to the back. Lance spits in Hughes’ face. Brazil tries to float over and he sends Lance into the turnbuckles and follows with a German suplex. Lance catches Brazil as he tries to make the tag and Lance with a Samoan drop for a near fall.

Lance with a back heel kick and then he hits thrust kicks on Hughes to stagger the big man on the apron an din the ropes. Brazil tries to float over but Lance with a running thrust kick for a near fall. Samu tags in and they hit a double stroke. Lance goes up top and misses a splash from the top turnbuckles. Hughes tags in and he punches Samu and Lane. Hughes with a splash to Samu and then he sends Samu and Lance into each other but they do not feel the impact and they hit a double head butt on Hughes. Brazil with a double missile drop kick.

Sami Callihan says he usually yells and screams to get his point across, but he is looking at this camera and he is being truthful. Jimmy, we used to be friends. They thought alike and had the same vision for wrestling. Sami says that Jimmy is a phony. You like to make people think you are crazy, unstable, and out of control. You are lying about being the most violent professional wrestler when you are looking at the most violent wrestler today. Only one man is walking out and it is going to be him.

We are back and Shane Strickland is in the interview area. Shane says he is confident and feels like a winner. He will preach it until the day he leaves wrestling. MLW will be hard pressed to find an asset like him so he will prove that he is still the franchise player of MLW. Tom Lawlor does not know what he is in for. Shane says that it is still Swerve’s House.

In Chicago, PCO faces Brody King in a No Disqualfication Match. The Lucha Brothers will face Los Parks for the MLW Tag Titles. Low Ki will face Shane Strickland for the MLW Championship. Rush faces Sammy Guevara. Ace Romero faces Marko Stunt. The Dirty Blondes face Joey Ryan and Swoggle. Tom Lawlor, Maxwell J Friedman, and more will be at Fightland on November 8th in Chicago.

We are back and Jimmy Havoc says Spin the Wheel Make the Deal is next week. What match will it be? A dog collar match. You ran away last time. Prince of Darkness follows his style. It does not matter what match it lands on. It will end up in his favor because he will be in the ring with Sami. You will not be able to run away. You will regret starting this. New York will run red with your blood.

Lawlor goes for the legs and it backs Strickland into the corner. Lawlor with a waist lock and Strickland escapes. Lawlor with a wrist lock into a side head lock take down. Strickland with a head scissors and Lawlor escapes. Strickland misses a round kick and Lawlor kicks Shane in the legs. Lawlor misses a double stomp when Strickland moves.

Strickland with a wrist lock but Lawlor goes for the leg and tries for a slam but Strickland escapes. Strickland sends Lawlor to the apron and Strickland avoids a clothesline. Lawlor slips on the apron. Lawlor goes for the legs and backs Strickland into the corner and then Lawlor is sent to the apron. Strickland with a kick to send Lawlor to the floor. Strickland with a kick to the arm from the apron. Strickland kicks the hand in the guardrails. Strickland wraps the arm around the ring post and wrings it into the post. Lawlor with a chop and forearm. Lawlor misses a clothesline and hits the ring post. Strickland sends Lawlor back into the ring and gets a near fall.

Strickland with an arm drag and then he stomps on the elbow. Lawlor sends Strickland to the apron and Strickland with a slingshot into a cross arm breaker but Lawlor blocks it by locking his hands. Strickland slaps Lawlor on the back. Strickland with an arm bar and chin lock as he turns it into a crossface chicken wing. Strickland stretches Lawlor while applying a standing body scissors. Lawlor bites the top rope to for a break.

Strickland with a snap mare and kick to the chest. Strickland with a kick to the chest and then to the back. Lawlor blocks a kick and takes Strickland to the mat. Lawlor goes for a cloverleaf but then tries for a single leg crab but Strickland continues to fight it off. Strickland with a discus clothesline and a rolling cutter for a near fall. Strickland goes up top and Lawlor chops Shane to stop him. Lawlor with a spinning heel kick and then Lawlor goes for a superplex and hits it and he rolls through into a guillotine and body scissors. Strickland gets back to a vertical base and hits a suplex to escape the guillotine. Strickland and Lawlor exchange strikes from their knees. They get back to their feet and continue the exchange. Lawlor with strikes but Strickland goes after the injured hand. Lawlor with punches but Strickland with an arm bar. Lawlor with knees to Strickland. Lawlor with a face buster and a Falcon Arrow for a near fall.

Lawlor gets Stricklan on his shoulders and Strickland gets back to his feet and connects with a knee. Lawlor with a forearm. Strickland with an enzuigiri. Lawlor with a one arm German suplex followed by an airplane spin into a Death Valley Driver. Lawlor with a rear naked choke and Salina de la Renta makes her way to the ring and it distracts the referee.