Light in the box reviews is lightinthebox safe or not hawaii deals all inclusive packages

• Too long delivery time. The most common negative Lightinthebox review concern hawaii cheap delivery time. Users usually write the expected delivery time was longer. Such a situation may have been caused by a courier company, as well as by people working in the Lightinthebox store, who hadn’t prepared the package on time. When the delivery time is slightly longer than vacation rentals hawaii the expected, one should be patient, because it needs to be remembered that some delays may happen. That is why, it is good to order the product in advance, not at short notice. If the delivery time is very long, we advise to contact the Lightinthebox store and ask for explanation.

• Not receiving the package. Some people also complain that they did not get the package they had ordered at all. The cause of such a situation may be similar as above – impatient users gave a negative opinion to the store.

It may have also happened that the ordering system failed and the order was lost, or a certain employee big island of hawaii made a mistake and forgot about the order. In such a case, when delivery time is really very long, one should ask the Lightinthebox store for explanation.

• Receiving the wrong vacation resorts in hawaii package. Some people gave the lowest Lightinthebox reviews because they claim that the product they received was different than the one they had ordered. The most probable reason of that was a mistake made by a person who works in customer service. In such a case, the complaint should be made in order to exchange the product into the proper one or get the money back big island hawaii vacations.

• Poor quality of products. Some customers complain that the ordered goods were characterized by poor quality. It may have happened due to the fact that the store’s offer includes thousands of products from different manufacturers family hawaii vacation packages, and it is hard to keep an eye on the quality of all of them. In order to avoid a similar situation, we advise to choose products with positive comments written by some previous buyers. Then, the probability of getting a poor-quality product is lower.

• Poor customer service. Some customers complain about waiting too long for the response from customer hawaii travel packages cheap service of the Lightinthebox store. As a consequence, they issued a negative Lightinthebox review. Unfortunately, it is a common problem, especially among big portals and online stores. There are some periods, especially before Christmas, when such stores need to deal with a big number of orders and e-mail requests. Because of that, they are not able to respond to them in a quick way. One needs to take this fact into account and be patient while waiting for a response.

• Calculating additional custom taxes for the package. Some customers, especially the ones from the EU, complains about honolulu hawaii vacation calculating additional fees, i.e. custom tax and VAT. The part of the bad Lightinthebox reviews were associated with it. Unfortunately, it may sometimes happen. It depends on the situation if the customs officer opens and thoroughly controls the package. The Lightinthebox store does not have any influence on the fact if we are charged additional taxes or not. One has to be prepared that they will 2 island hawaii vacation have to pay some additional costs while ordering products from China.

The problems described and explained above happen in almost every online store. Buyers have deals on hawaii vacation packages to take it into consideration. It is sometimes needed to be patient, however when one encounters a serious problem, it needs to be solved. Lightinthebox is a reliable store that has many satisfied customers. Therefore, the situation when someone wants to cheat us seems to be rather improbable.