Juncos racing fights through adversity to complete first rolex 24 at daytona – juncos racing patagonia in south america

Despite losing more time to the leaders due to other small issues as well as facing downpour conditions in the later stages of the race, the entire crew with drivers Canapino, Kaiser, Owen and Binder never gave up and kept pushing, registering similar lap times to those of their experienced competitors. The team completed 555 laps and were classified eighth and 30 th overall when the 24-hour race was checkered 11 minutes early due to weather conditions.

Team Owner Ricardo Juncos said: “The 24-hour race is massive, it is demanding, it’s everything you can imagine, and map of patagonia we survived. Until you have the chance to be a part of this race at this incredible track, you do not understand what all and how much goes into it. I want to thank everyone on the team as they have been working so hard these past few months to get us on track in time for the Rolex 24.

I want to thank my family and the families of all of our crew for their understanding and support of our team members as we spent a lot of time away from home to make this program come together. I want to thank all of our drivers Kyle (Kaiser), Rene (Binder), Will (Owen), and Agustin (Canapino) for patagonia corporate sales their effort this weekend. They made absolutely no mistakes, which was incredible that this was the first time for three of the four being at Daytona and competing in IMSA. Finally, I want to thank Cadillac for their partnership and support as they have been there every step of the way with us and helped us tremendously over the past three months. We learned a lot and have a lot to work on, but that is what happens when you are building a program. You always can be better and that’s what we will push ourselves patagonia movies to do each day.”

Agustin Canapino: “I would like to start by saying congrats to Ricardo Juncos and the whole Juncos Racing team. I would also like to thank Cadillac on their win today at Daytona. This race was a challenge for everyone from the drivers to the crew, however the chemistry we created as a group helped us battle our way until the end. We were faced with a lot of different factors throughout the 24 hours, but we also learned a lot and have gained a great experience. The crew did an amazing job each time getting the car back on track so that we were able to finish until the patagonia mountains end. This race was very important to me and my career. I am very grateful for the chance to work with such a talented team and for them accepting me into their family. I hope in the future to be back with Juncos Racing, so we will be working hard to make this happen. I want to thank YPF, Banco Patagonia, Martino Sosa, and Chevrolet of Argentina for their support and making my dream of running in the Rolex 24 at Daytona.”

Will Owen (Castle Rock, Colorado): “Even though it wasn’t the way we wanted to wrap up the weekend here at the Rolex 24, we still have a lot of positives to take away. It was a pleasure to work with Cadillac, Juncos (Racing), and Michelin. The package that we had for the race was fast and competitive. The unfortunate issues we faced throughout the weekend were out of our hands, however the team handled them and had the car back on track each patagonia sports time. Even though we lost a lot of laps, we finished the race running which was very important. I have to thank the crew patagonia south america for putting this program together and for Ricky (Juncos) initiating this and everyone working so hard since August to get to this point. We are not focusing on what place we finished, but what we learned as a group new to the Cadillac family and to the IMSA Series. I am looking forward to getting back on track with them at Sebring in March.”

Rene Binder (Innsbruck, Austria): “I was in the Cadillac DPi-V.R for quite a long time near the end of the race, for several yellows. It felt OK. I kept it safe in the rain. I went off a little bit only one time. The conditions changed quite a lot. They were good at one point but then they got worse again. It was quite a crazy race during the end. It was fun in the rain, as it felt a little bit like driving on ice but it was also quite dangerous. Overall, I enjoyed my first 24-hour experience, it was definitely a new experience for me, and I hope I can do it again. I want to thank Ricardo Juncos for giving me this opportunity, it wasn’t easy for the team coming in like this with little experience, but everyone put in a great effort and we all learned a lot throughout the weekend.”

Kyle Kaiser (Santa Clara, California): “Overall this was a pretty wild experience. There was a lot going on throughout the race. I think that patagonia blog the experience I gained from this and the experience the team gained from this is very valuable. Obviously in the race we had a few problems come up, but we didn’t quit because in a 24-hour race patagonia clothing logo anything can happen. When the rain came out lots of cars started falling out, but we were able to hang in there with our Cadillac DPi-V.R car and lay down some great laps. I had a great time at this race, as it was so much more than I expected. I really hope we can make more happen in the future with Juncos Racing and IMSA. I want to thank Juncos Racing for all of their hard work these past few months, putting together a solid program and for Cadillac for the support they provide and patagonia park the amazing cars we get to drive.”

Born into the Argentinian racing culture, Ricardo Juncos began working as a mechanic anywhere he got the chance — often as a pastime with friends, working on their racecars. While committed to learning the car and its mechanics, his true goal was to be a driver. This commitment and dedication paid off when Ricardo began racing in the Formula Renault Series at 22 years old.

Ricardo established Juncos Racing in 1997 in Argentina, but moved to Miami, Florida five years later with only $400 and a dream of creating a champion racing team. Within a week of being in the United States, Ricardo landed a job as a go-kart mechanic. His knowledge and resolve led him to reestablish Juncos Racing in 2003 patagonia area as a karting team to train upcoming drivers. Team Juncos quickly gained bragging rights, winning over fifteen karting championships in five years.

Ricardo is a humble man whose leadership style stands out among team owners. As a former driver with an education in engineering, Ricardo possesses a unique ability to help translate between drivers and team engineers, making the racing experience richer and more integrated for both groups. It is not uncommon to find him in the shop completing various tasks alongside his team. He takes a back seat at times of celebration, impressing upon his team the sense of unity and rebuffing the notion that any one member is more valuable than another.

Ricardo is an esteemed Argentinian with deep-rooted ancestry in his home country, but his love for the United States is second to none. Ricardo grew up hearing stories of the U.S., but experiencing what this country has to offer has made him a true believer. Ricardo openly recognizes the U.S. as a land of opportunity and security relative to his home country. He appreciates the melting pot of cultures and the scores patagonia argentina hotels of honest, loyal, and kind-hearted people who welcome his passion to develop young drivers — of any nationality. This passion is the hallmark the Juncos Racing Mazda Road To Indy program patagonia usa online.

Juncos Racing has enjoyed tremendous success over the years. Among these are the 2010 Pro Mazda Championship with driver Conor Daly, 2014 Pro Mazda Championship with driver Spencer Pigot, and taking the 2015 Indy Lights Championship with Pigot in their first season running in the new Indy Lights car. In 2017, Juncos competed in the 101 st running of the Indianapolis 500 with a mere 64 days to prepare. Driver Sebastian Saavedra finished in a respectful 15 th position, while Spencer Pigot finished 18 th. The Juncos Team went on to win the 2017 Indy Lights Championship with driver Kyle Kaiser, and the 2017 Pro Mazda Championship with driver Victor Franzoni.

All of the wins and championships are impressive, but Ricardo’s vision and team philosophy are what set Juncos Racing apart. Ricardo is a proven leader who manages to integrate his love for racing and love for family, as evident from the team roster. Ricardo’s wife, Danielle Juncos, is vice president. His father (another former Argentinian racer) Cay Juncos is the team caterer, and his brother Alejandro is the Pro Mazda crew chief. The sign above the door may say “Juncos country patagonia Racing,” but you don’t need to have the Juncos name to be welcomed into the extended multicultural family within.