Hometown hearts – chapter 25 m.l. rhodes golden age hotel istanbul

“As I said, Mr. Harris was in an accident tonight and he’s in critical condition. I can istanbul airport hotels with shuttle’t give you specific details because I’m not party to them at this time. But as you’re Mr. Harris’s medical proxy I can put you through to the emergency department and they should be able to give you more information. Since he is currently unable to make konak hotel istanbul decisions, if you could scan and either email or fax me a copy of his MPOA as soon as possible that would be helpful.”

“God, I’ve also got to find a copy of his MPOA and send it to the hospital.” I started to open a new tab to look in the secure cloud we had for the law firm. I was pretty sure we’d have a copy of the medical istanbul in hotel power of attorney there. But then I realized I should probably get the flight thing taken care of first, so I toggled back to the airline website.

“I don’t know much more yet, not about the accident itself. He was unconscious when they got him to the hospital. The nurse said he has several fractures, including broken ribs, a collapsed lung, but he’s got other internal injuries. I don’t think they really know the extent of them w o w istanbul hotel yet. They have to get him istanbul booking hotel to surgery to find out because he’s…he’s bleeding inside. It’s…it’s bad.”

“I know. And you’re right, it is horrible. I don’t like the guy, but I would never wish something like this on him or anyone. That doesn’t change the fact he’s treated you like total shit, Hunter. He’s used you, cheated on you. You’ve told me over and over you hate him and best hotel to stay in istanbul you’re done with him. So why would you feel compelled to fly across the country in the middle of the night to be at his bedside?”

“I know. And that’s another reason I need to be there. If things…if they go bad, the full weight of the firm is going to fall on my shoulders and, the cases we have in progress aside, we have a dozen employees who’re going to be concerned about divan hotel istanbul whether they’ll still have jobs or not. I need to be there to assure them and provide stability. Please, tell me you understand.”

“I hate this. So much,” I said. “But there’s no one else but me who can handle this stuff. Shane’s parents are out of the country. They go somewhere as hotel istanbul every winter, and I’m not even sure where they are this year—France, Italy, I just…I don’t know. Even if I could reach them right now, it’d take them a day or two to get there. And that still wouldn’t change the fact nippon hotel istanbul tripadvisor Shane and I signed a legal document giving me the authority to make his medical decisions if he can’t.”

I put the Jeep in reverse and backed out of the garage. Then, with my heart aching, I watched Jay press the garage door button on the wall. He slowly disappeared from sight as the door slid shut, leaving me alone and already feeling a million miles away from him. Click swissotel living istanbul here for some pretty pictures of Hunter and Jay before the next chapter is up! Click here to read Chapter 26! Timeline for the remainder of the Hometown Hearts chapters can be found here. Click here to read swiss hotel istanbul telefon my original post from December 18th on how this book came about, why it’s serialized, and how this limited time serialization will work!