Finally, a salmon (sort of)

As some of you might know(although probably not) I have been trying to catch a Chinook Salmon on a Lake Huron tributary in Ontario for a number of years now without success. This occurs during my annual vacation to a resort on the Lake Huron coast. I bring my significant other, so mostly it’s sight seeing and dining out and drinking. I get to fish maybe once for a morning if I’m lucky. I don’t like sharing the water so I go off peak during the middle of the week sorta at the tail end of the run. I have seen Salmon, lots and lots of salmon, but never hooked up. Although I did hook the front part of a dead carcass one time, does that count? I have tried every pattern known to mankind. I’ve gone at the crack of dawn. I’ve tried pools, runs, every portion of a river I can cast to.

I’ve tried the tank at the local hatchery and nothing (the staff objected to this).

So I basically gave up. I went back to fishing for Browns and Brookies and Smallies. It’s basically a lot of private property but if you know where to go, there are a few accessible spots. Mostly I fish a short three weight as it’s bushy in parts and the fish are small. There is one deeper pool and run that I fish where the biggest fish I’ve ever caught was 11 inches. Respectable for the stream but not earth shattering. So I was fishing it this past weekend when I get a hit, my rod bends, and this massive fish boils on the surface annnnnd that was it. My tippet promptly broke and off the fish went never to be seen again. Is there a world record for shortest fight? And how the heck did that thing get that far upstream. There are sections that I’d think a creek chub would find impassable.

I have also been swinging flies in the same area you were at the last couple weeks, I’ve fished there for over 8 years now and only ever hooked up with a king once! One single time. Like you said, salmon can be seen all over the place. I witnessed one king last week beach himself just above a small riffle, I looked around and saw 4 other bait fisherman looking my way, those goons likely wanted to keep the damn thing but I quickly grabbed him and sent him back on his way before it made too much of a scene. Don’t be hard on yourself with the Huron salmon, they are a different breed, not too interested in hitting anything once in the river. Congrats on the hookup at least! There are plenty of steelhead around now tho!

That’s funny about your breakoff on the tiny stream(sorry). I witnessed HUGE fish up in tiny creeks twice this year. First one was trout opener, came up to a deep pool in a small brookie creek, gave a few drifts and the line came tight, I set the hook to see a massive 36"+ pike boil up and break me off! Second time was during summer drought, on an even smaller creek, I am walking up the creek and see a huge shadow up at the next bend. I started walking closer, by the time I was able to identify it from a good 30′ away, it must have seen me and spooked and shot upstream. This time was a 15lb or so carp basically in a tiny trickle! lol I don’t know how they get up there either!