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Our role paris to france as strength coaches is to best prepare our athletes for the physical demands imposed on them through their sport. In order to do that, we must design our programs to DRIVE specific adaptations in order to ENHANCE certain performance traits. As our athletes progress, our programs must as well, to continue to drive the desired performance traits with each subsequent block of training. Often times, there seems to be confusion amongst newer coaches as to what is adaptation, and what is a trait.

The physiological changes induced by training will largely depend on the mapquest paris france stresses we dose our athletes with. These stresses, or “stress factors”, include the intensity, volume, and duration that we provide the athlete within the confines of training. How do we determine those factors?

Think of it as a funnel – start broad/general, then get more narrow/specific as you progress. That broad/general understanding of where you need to start begins with the SAID (Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands) Principle. This foundational principle of training allows us to clearly identify the demands of our athlete’s sport, then reverse engineer a training program that will drive specific changes to an athlete weather paris france march’s structural, functional, and metabolic system that will align with the demands of said sport.

Think of these demands as the performance traits we are trying to enhance; sprinting, acceleration, and deceleration, are some common examples we find in all field sports. From the strength coach’s viewpoint, those demands can be translated to performance traits such as power, explosive strength, speed strength, endurance, etc. These performance traits are motor-function related, and an expression of the physiological adaptation you are hotel b square paris france trying to achieve. Therefore, they will help provide a road map on how to properly stress the athlete in a way to drive the corresponding physical and metabolic adaptations. The Devil is in the Details

Once you’ve identified the demands of your athlete’s sport, it’s time to get specific. The formula to drive adaptation is simple. STRESS + RECOVERY = ADAPTATION. The first step of this process is to systematically expose the athlete to a given set of stressors, enabling them to efficiently manage future exposures. This is where Specific Adaptations comes into play; we know that paris france address very specific intensity and rep ranges will provide a very specific stimulus. Those ranges, and the adaptations they drive are::

You’ve identified the demands and the adaptations you are trying to hammer through. You’ve selected the specific stressors of intensity, volume, and time that match those demands. Now we’re rolling! But here’s the thing – that STRESS + RECOVERY = ADAPTATION equation never ends. You must continually plug and chug that formula in order to continually progress and avoid stagnation, or even worse, regression.

Planned exposure to specific stressors france city paris can allow one to adapt to the existing stress, thus increasing his or her baseline and furthering your journey in achieving a base level of strength. Therefore paris france area, the body must experience higher levels of stress as time goes, on for further adaptation to occur. This is where Progressive Overload comes into play; the athlete must progressively be exposed to either more volume, e.g. sets and/or reps, more intensity, e.g. more weight, and/or both! Whether you’re a novice athlete following a linear progression, where 5-10lbs is added each week like we have on Bedrock, or you’re a more advanced athlete following a traditional periodized program, with undulating intensity and/or volume with a progressive upward slope like we have on Field Strong, Progressive Overload must exist if we want to keep driving progress.

To wrap things up, we use the scientific training principles of SAID, SPECIFICITY, and OVERLOAD to drive physiological france info paris adaptation within the body such as increasing sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar hypertrophy, improving inter and intra muscular efficiency, improving VO2 max and resting heart rate, in order to enhance performance traits such as strength, speed, power.

If you’re an athlete looking for a principle based program that will drive adaptations and enhance performance travel in paris france traits, jump on one of our programs here . If you’re a coach looking to expand your knowledge and dive deeper into the principles behind the Power Athlete Methodology, head over to the Power Athlete Academy and enroll in the next semester.