Dividend Yield

www.dividendyield.co.nz is designed to assist investors with information as to dividend yields and also to help with strategic decision making in regards to their own individual investment requirements. Our primary emphasis is on dividend yield derived from ownership of shares. Regardless of whether you want a conservative or a more dynamic portfolio, here we have the tools, charts and information to help YOU decide what works best for YOU and YOUR circumstances. We are NOT financial advisers but are investors ourselves, and our goal is to be gatherers and presenters of information from many sources. We simply collate the information and endeavour to present it in an easily understood format. The column showing dividend yield % is formulated from both paid and declared dividends for most recent complete calendar year.

How you use this information is up to you. Remember the structure and format here is based on the premise of creating income from the dividend yield NOT income from capital growth. Holding shares for dividend yield may of course realize capital growth (or loss) depending upon timing of entry and exits.

This website has been assembled, designed and maintained by real people…you know…the types that occasionally make mistakes. With this in mind, we remind you that we should not be held responsible for any losses that may be incurred. We do like to correct any website errors however, so please let us know if you find something that looks suspect, or heaven forbid, is factually incorrect.

We do not recommend or advise anyone as to the "best" option as regards investing. We feel that everyone has their own criteria and perspective and the "best" for one is not necessarily the most appropriate for someone else. In a similar vein we do not recommend certain companies as being a "better", or a "poorer" investment option than others. Each investor can and should make individual decisions based on their own requirements.

All data and or charts showing share prices and dividend yield are obviously….."HISTORICAL". Please remember that just because a company has been paying a dividend for 5, 10 or 20 years doesn`t mean that the following year they will do so again. You may well interpret it that they should, but there are no guarantees from them and also from us! Please do your own research!

Following on from the previous point. Remember that the dividend yield % is based on CURRENT share price with the most recent full calendar years dividends. Projected or `anticipated" dividends are not used in the formulas only paid and or declared dividends. Note that a high dividend yield % in the rankings could also be the result of previous years dividend making the Dividend yield % look big because of a much lower current share price. Looking at the underlying metrics of the situation is imperative to get the big picture.

At the moment this website is a labour of love as opposed to a money making enterprise. As the site develops and becomes more professional we intend on firstly recovering our costs and subsequently deriving income from its features. In order to "sell" its usefulness to prospective advertisers this may entail providing information as to number, type and frequency of visitors. At some point we will probably add a user ID and Log-in facility in order to gather this data. No details as to specific names, contact details will be divulged and your privacy will be safeguarded at all times. Any and all data provided by visitors to the site will firstly be kept encrypted offsite. Any use of the information will be carefully monitored and stripped of identifying details such as name, address, contact details etc. Any data collected will be used to compose generic lists, such as investors by age range, number of visits per month, shareholdings by sector, value, years in investment, interests etc. •

Note that some Companies may have imputation credits attached to their dividends…this information, if it is available, may be found on "Dividend History" pages for each company. Imputation credits are only available to NZ residents however and this credit is issued to the shareholder when tax has already been deducted from dividend. RWT (resident withholding tax) will be deducted prior to dividends being sent out. New Zealand shareholders please note that the dividend yield % figures and bar charts are declared dividends and DO NOT include imputation credits. Non resident investors do not receive imputation credits but may receive supplementary dividends to offset non resident withholding tax. However these will vary from company to company and may also be affected by tax rulings in your country of residence. Best to check with your local tax specialist if you are a non resident. To get a full breakdown and an explanation of how imputation credits work click below. (This links to the IRD (Inland Revenue Dept) website) www.ird.govt.nz/business-income-tax/imputation/imputation-basics/