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The Cowboy works construction as well as hunts and works cattle among other things. His wedding ring is made out of tungsten which is very dangerous for him to wear when working. If that ring gets caught or bent it’s taking his finger with it. He wore it a lot more than he probably should’ve and it was me that la patagonia really drove him to stop wearing it while working. Though his ring has stayed true to size in fitting him over this past decade, mine has not.

When the winter cold hits, my ring gets loose and in the summer heat it gets stuck on my finger. Both of these scenarios have kept me from wearing it in extreme weather, which seems like the norm weather these days. After patagonia s america babies my fingers have also widened and slimmed. Due to the beautiful diamond The Cowboy picked for me, it’s also been a hazard for tending to the cowkids.

They have recieved many accidental painful scratches from normal mom activities like snuggles, changes, and baths. My heart just couldn’t handle it, so I stopped wearing my ring. Another reason I couldn’t wear my ring is because I breakaway rope and play softball patagonia cloth, so it wasn’t safe or functional to wear it. And lastly, I’m sensitive to metal.

When I first heard about silicone rings I was so on board, and obviously for good reason! They don’t get in the way of living real life and they break when they need to without taking your finger with it. Since I have a metal sensitivity it made perfect sense to me. I researched the Groove Life company and fell in love with the look of their rings as well as the company. They have values. They also has a great return/exchange policy if the ring breaks or gets lost.

We picked out our rings, which was a little hard because there is so many awesome choices! I got the Groove Dimension Arrows-Pearl Thin and he got wildlife in patagonia the Mossy Oak Camo Bottomland. It was fun picking out our rings together, it’s a pretty cool way to celebrate our ‘almost’ 10 year marriage. There was a mix up with sizing so we had to exchange for the correct sizes (definitely size down like they say to!). I’m kind of glad we did though because you don’t really know if a company is actually good until you’ve had to deal with their customer service. They were great! Kind, easy to contact, and the exchange was simply done too. (If you are Canadian you will have to pay a little extra at the post office to send back to them) Once we got the correct sizes and put them on, we could not believe we were even wearing a ring. Seriously. You can’t feel it at all!

I’ve been wearing my silicone ring for over a month straight; something I would never be able to do with my other ring. I wash my hands upwards of 20 times a day with tending to my little cowkids and patagonia on a map have to lotion a lot with the dry winter weather, and it’s done with absolute ease with this ring. I also love that I can wear my gloves without any awkward catching too. But best of all, I can take care of my cowkids without ever accidentally scratching or hurting them with the hard sharpness of my other ring.

A wedding ring shouldn’t be something that you can only wear when to travel to patagonia under certain special conditions and circumstances. These silicone rings are made for real life. The 24/7 working, playing, aging your hands go through. Honestly, if Groove Life was around when we got married 10 years ago we probably would’ve opted for these rings as our wedding rings. And saved a fair bit of cash doing so…

Our ‘The Journey Tour’ concert experience It was more incredible than I can probably put is patagonia in chile into words. Basically, I’ve never quite felt this way at a concert as I did this one. I didn’t want it to end! Walking out to the car after it was over had me practically dancing with pride in our country heritage and culture. It was by far one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to, and the only one that has given me that deep of nostalgia for the country way of life. I mean, how could it not though? All their songs just bleed love and respect for family and rural upbringings. The oh-so fulfilling sound of country music as pure as it’s supposed to be.

Paul Brandt’s songs have filled up my childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Needless to say, I know all the words to most every song and I love them all! I’ve been huge visit patagonia argentina fans of High Valley since they started and Hunter Brothers as well. It’s insane how much these 2 bands of brothers have accomplished, meanwhile still maintaining the even more important roles as husbands and fathers. I leaned over to The Cowboy at some point during the concert and was like, “I can not believe how much they’ve accomplished, they must not have had where is the patagonia located tv growing up.” And a while later High Valley declared that to be true! Growing up farming instils a work ethic like no other and I have no doubt that’s where a lot of their passion and drive has come from. Jess Moskaluke was pretty new to me. I’ve definitely heard her latest singles and duet with Paul Brandt, but listening live made me such a fan. That girl can sing with a powerhouse voice that’s so unique and full of passion. ‘The Journey Tour’ 2019’s lineup of talent was perfection. They all performed so well what is patagonia together and their presence made us all feel Canadian pride. It was as if all of us in that arena were from the same small town praising and supporting the talent we raised.

Truth be told, we bought our tickets a little late and as the Enmax Centre is a smaller arena where pretty well there is no bad seats… we opted for the cheap ones. They were on the floor though! I knew we’d want to stand and dance, so that was a necessity. I was feeling a bit under the weather, but since the cowkids were in good health we felt ok leaving them for the night. When we got there, our patagonia mtns chairs had been taken out. We had to find some staff members and wait patiently for them to set them up for us as Hunter Brothers started on stage. I joked to the staff that they could just send us up front if they needed to. They didn’t, but it turned out it was for the best! After we sat we noticed that the big thing beside us was a stage! We were so stoked! We figured may be Paul would be coming back patagonia travel tips to sing 1 or 2 songs closer to the end. Little did we know that not only Paul, but Hunter Brothers, High Valley, and Jess Moskaluke would be singing at the stage, and we got front row! I even shook Dusty’s hand! It was incredible. INCREDIBLE.

The songs sung there have all been part of my daily playlists. Pretty sure my 3 year old (cowkid 2) knows all the words to ‘Born and Raised.’ To hear them all live was more than gratifying. Their singing was every bit as pure as their recordings. They brought the energy as entertainers and made us all get up and sing along. But I will say, for me, it’s about the lyrics. I loved that the patagonia usa concert was wholesome. It had values. It had a message. And for me that message was H-O-M-E. It was like tasting all the good that ranch-raised upbringing has given me and giving it the praise it so deserves. This concert was full of sentiment to me. After all, my first real concert was Paul Brandt.