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The Tax Break-Down Preferential Rates on Capital Gains Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

A capital gain is profit from the sale of an asset, like a business, stock, piece of art, or parcel of land. Though assets frequently increase in value, taxes on them are deferred until the item is sold and the

The Sunny Side of Midsized

Cornett’s thesis is that Americans will be drawn to less-populated yet vigorous urban areas as the nation’s population continues to grow and as housing prices in elite cities become prohibitive. These less glamorous cities have been transforming themselves to become

The Struggling Peso – Facing Real Threats Ahead

Update January 12, 2017 It has been a scary week for the Mexican economy, protests across the nation and the peso setting record lows falling to 22:1 against the dollar. As of the time of authoring, the peso had gained

The Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease –

The national Alzheimer’s Association has developed a very useful staging system for family caregivers and medical professionals to use as a frame of reference when coping with AD. However, seniors with Alzheimer’s are not guaranteed to follow these stages in

The State of the Quantum Computing Race A Conversation with Pioneering Australian Quantum Physicist Michelle Simmons ITIF

Quantum computing offers the extraordinary potential to analyze in minutes problems a conventional computer could take thousands of years to solve. It represents “the space race of the computing era,” and few people understand it as well as Professor Michelle

The Post Bubble Contraction Thesis Receives Validation – The Daily Coin

Dalio seems to have had a bout of conscience as he enters the twilight of a very successful investment career. He just completed a 470 page book titled “ A Template For Understanding Big Debt Crises”. He has offered the

The Plot To Destroy DSEA Exceptional Delaware

In response to the Mike Matthew’s resignation, DSEA released a statement boasting of its historic commitment to the cause of public education in Delaware. It proclaimed DSEA’s historic commitment to high moral standards over the past 100 years as follows:

The Night Comes for Us One of the Most Violent Action Movies Ever IndieWire

Shot in the ultra-violent tradition of gonzo spectacles like “The Raid: Redemption” and “The Raid 2” (and featuring several of the same performers), “The Night Comes for Us” has little interest in going off the beaten path. And yes, the

Closing the Gap on Consumers – London College of Fashion News

Brands need to prioritize personalisation in an age where new digitally-native brands are popping up every day and the competition for wallet share is fierce. This means that they first have to know exactly who their audience is – down

The Issues With Fast Fashion Bellatory

Fast fashion is not sustainable at all. Just for a regular pair of blue jeans, it takes 2,000 gallons of water just to grow the cotton for a pair of jeans. And it takes about 713 gallons of water just

The Health 202 Trump says GOP wants to protect preexisting conditions. But a Republican lawsuit would eliminate them if successful. Atlanta Reports

Trump’s tweet comes as Republicans work to fend off a slew of Democratic attacks that the failed congressional attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act means they don’t actually support protecting access to care for those with health

The Hitler Conspiracy – The Most Secret Of Secret Escapes – UFO Insight

The Hitler regime and the Third Reich is, without doubt, one of the darkest and most brutal organizations in history. It is also one of the most intriguing. Not least how many of those involved with the Nazi party of

The GLAAD Wrap New projects from Lena Waithe and Greg Berlanti, trailers for ‘The Bisexual,’ ‘The Bi Life,’ and more! GLAAD

1) Out Love, Simon director and television producer Greg Berlanti has been tapped to direct The Editor , an adaptation of the novel of the same name, for 20 th Century Fox. The film follows a writer and his editor,

How Patagonia Is Recycling Bottles Into Jackets


The Doctor Will @ You Now Social Media MD Shares Strategies

Faris K. Timimi, MD, is no stranger to social media. As medical director for the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (MCSMN) and a practicing cardiologist in Rochester, Minnesota, Dr Timimi maintains an active social media presence, most recently sharing his

The Diaspora Could Use a Little More Velvet – Armenian National Committee of America

I recently participated as a speaker for a forum in Toronto and Montreal, in which I was asked to speak about the 18 months I spent living and working in Armenia. The event offered me the opportunity to reflect on