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Italian equestrian couture sets its sights on the American market Tack’n Togs

Prior Marchetto was owner of a textile supply business providing fabrics to major Italian fashion designers such as United Colours of Benetton, but in the 30 years since, he has leveraged his textile expertise to design and manufacture a full

Weaker Grains with Harvest Expanding, Bullish Catalyst Lacking

Mostly better global equities overnight, although worth noting, the Shanghai Composite hit the lowest level this week since November 2014. In addition, the onshore Chinese renminbi rate hit the lowest level in nearly two years. The trade war appears to

Billets d’avion pas cher Air France dès 78€ – Offres Opodo

Née en 1933 de la fusion de quatre compagnies aériennes, Air France s’impose aujourd’hui comme le leader du territoire français en matière de transport de passagers. Elle dispose de plus de 190 dessertes internationales en Amérique, Asie, Afrique, Europe et

Xtreme SEO Marketing

SEO, you’ve heard about it but Xtreme SEO Marketing, it’s still a bit of Chinese for you? To put it simply, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques designed to optimize the contents of a website or

Woytuk at Play in Kent Entertainment

How it all got done was a grueling schedule of 16-hour days that went on until just hours before the opening reception Saturday night, when a genial Mr. Woytuk, 52, held forth as if preparing for the show had been

Women Entrepreneurs Opportunity Fund Small Business Loans

Join this workshop on the basics of market research and learn how to develop the knowledge and skills to find the information you need for your small business through developing a prepared question set and modeling. This class addresses primary

Why you should take an operational approach to risk management – Help Net Security

This viewpoint is useful in many scenarios, including in the business realm, especially when it comes to protecting a business from risk. Many companies treat risk management and business continuity as different entities under the same workflows, and that is

Why Nobel Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman Gave Up on Happiness Din Merican the Malaysian DJ Blogger

What did I consider more important about my meeting with Nobel Prize laureate Daniel Kahneman? My enjoyment of the meeting, which was fascinating and inspirational – or the photo that shows me talking with one of the world’s most brilliant

Why are the French afraid of air conditioning

One pitch I received came from an American expat and it was about mosquito bites and air conditioning. It was perfectly timed because as I read his idea, I laughed out loud. I was sitting on my couch with no

Where to Buy Korean Beauty Products Online – Style Vanity

It’s no that the rest of the world are getting obsessed with everything and anything Korean beauty right now. Seoul has replaced Paris as the city where in-the-know girls look to see what’s new, what’s now, and what’s next in beauty.

Where Hello Kitty Serves You Food – Maid Cafe Tokyo

Maid Cafes also have their roots in Hello Kitty and Pokemon, and the whole “cuteness” rebellion trend of Japan which goes back to the 70s. While the USA and Europe had hippies, Japan had cuteness where young people did not

Where Aigle Dares Gun Trade News

Arnaud cites a successful weekend at the Game Fair in July as key to this success. “We found the Game Fair really interesting,” he says. “Why? Because we were able to meet a lot of consumers in the UK, and

When Art and Science Meet Georges Seurat – Beauty, Rarity, History…The M.S. Rau Antiques Blog Blog from

Led by third-generation owner and published fine art expert Bill Rau, M.S. Rau Antiques has grown by leaps and bounds since his grandfather Max Rau opened the doors in 1912 to a then-small antiques store in the heart of New

What’s The Difference Between A Remix And A Re-Edit – DJ TechTools

Remixes, edits, re-edits, reworks, mash-ups, dub mixes, bootlegs – dance music can be a confusing place. Take two successful original tracks of recent years, DJ Koze’s ‘Pick Up’ ( above) and Midland’s ‘Final Credits’ ( below). Both tracks contain substantial samples

What to Watch on the Small Screen October 2018 – The FilmWatcher

F.W. Murnau’s The Last Laugh tells the story of an unnamed elderly man (Emil Jannings) who works as a doorman at a luxurious hotel. While hardly lucrative, the man’s job certainly has its perks. Whenever he wears his impressive-looking work