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Three myths about Kentucky’s teacher pension system Opinion

Worse, unlike most states and all private-sector workers, Kentucky’s teachers aren’t enrolled in Social Security. They don’t have access to the nationally portable, progressive retirement benefit which all other workers might take for granted. Without Social Security as a baseline

The Writings of Leo Byrne Jenicek

While her mother was obsessed with propriety, Judy was more interested in spending time with Roger. It’s understandable that as a teenager, love seems like the most potent thing in the world and no one could possibly understand what they

The Uniparty, Explained Chateau Heartiste

Yeah, I think he overlooked the fact that the coda to his story is the next time Labour finally got power, the mission was to, and I quote, “rub their noses in diversity.” After being punished repeatedly at the polls,

The Ultimate Guide to Upstate New York Domino

This Woodstock mainstay recently got a fresh new look in the form of an upscale addition to the previously existing wing. Vibrant and colorful, Hotel Dylan’s facelift comes courtesy of design duo The Novogratz . “The vibe throughout is a

The Truth About Jobs and Working in Singapore for Foreigners

The short answer is – It is not as easy as it seems for foreigners to get jobs in Singapore, especially as the injury rate among workers continue to increase. You can click here if you need a workplace injury attorney. Singapore does

The Top Five Players in Dallas Mavericks History. LWOSports

Dallas Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki (2ndR) is challenged by Alba Berlin’s Zach Morley (L) and Alba Berlin’s Deon Thompson (2nd,L) during a basketball friendly match between Alba Berlin and Dallas Mavericks in Berlin on October 6, 2012. The game is part

The Smirking Chimp News And Commentary from the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

Lula da Silva—Brazil’s former president—is sitting in his prison in Curitiba, a small town southwest of São Paulo. He should not be there. Evidence of corruption against him hangs on the words of a felon. Lula should have been on

The Severity of Separation Anxiety – The Animal Behavior Center

I’m sitting in my hotel room in downtown Columbus, Ohio. I’m a few blocks away from Ohio State University, where I was asked to collaborate and give a presentation to the veterinary student clubs. I gave the presentation last night focused

The Power of Store Ambiance and Sensory Cues Unmistakable Ambiance SJ Printer

As viewers enter the Richard Mille watch boutique in Paris, their senses are inundated with beauty. Large glass panels are etched with details of the emblematic RM tourbillon, giving viewers the sensation that they might be entering the heart of

The Most Expensive Hotel Room In America Costs $75,000 A Night

Built in 1927, this iconic Upper East Side hotel underwent a major renovation from 2006 to 2009. While the historic exterior was untouched, the entire inner workings of the building were replaced, with interiors rethought by famed designer Jacques Grange.

The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD – Zelda Wiki

Twilight Princess HD features reworked graphics with primarily new textures, giving the game a cleaner and higher-definition look. As opposed to the 480p resolution of the GameCube and Wii versions, Twilight Princess HD uses the 1080p resolution that is standard


• Paramount orders remake of the 1995 hit based on Jane Austen?s Emma from Girls Trip writer Tracy OliverClueless, the much-loved teen comedy, which catapulted Alicia Silverstone and Brittany Murphy to fame in the mid-90s, is to be remade by

The economist

ALL they were hoping to do, said the organisers of an art festival in Wiesbaden, a small city on the banks of the Rhine, when they installed a four-metre statue of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the town’s central square in

Events in Berlin Buy Tickets at Ticketmaster

Often considered to be the heart of Europe, Berlin is one of the continent’s most important transportation hubs and – with over 3.5 million inhabitants – not only by far the biggest German city but next to London also the

The Curious Cowgirl Home The Curious Cowgirl

A staple of celebration all things Fall is our beloved Dallas Arboretum! Pack a picnic or enjoy a stroll through the gardens during the Dallas Arboretum’s 13th annual fall festival. The scenic venue has been recognized as one of “America’s

The Best Luxury Hotel in Singapore – The Fullerton Bay

There is no doubt that Singapore has plenty of luxury hotels and if you’re reading this post you’re probably planning a trip to Singapore soon so you’re looking for the best luxury hotel in Singapore! If you’re looking for a