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Laura Ashbrenner celebrates birthday number 104 Wednesday at Columbia Basin

She attended Oregon School of Fine Arts, and built a career as an artist for advertising agencies. In the 1930s and 40s she worked as a fashion illustrator for top Portland retailers, including Meier & Frank department stores, Charles F.

Changemakers West Coast Back to School – Movement Mortgage Blog

One year, two curious kids in Bakersfield, Cali. made their way toward a party a few blocks away, lured in by the sound of music playing, the smells of tables full of food. The oldest couldn’t have been more than

The Daily Spin – DraftKings Daily Fantasy Golf Preview – CJ Cup Fantasy Golf Insider

The first week of the Asian fall swing of the PGA Tour is in the books and I sure was glad to see it go. Although I worked some magic in the limited number of cash games that I played,

Pioneer XCHM86D Streaming Mini System EXC Speakers Richer Sounds

Tuned during numerous listening sessions, the XC-HM86D uses specially selected audio components. These provide the highest levels of clarity and greatest detail at the price. Pioneer has also designed the circuit board for the lowest levels of noise and distortion.

Snapshots from the class of 2018 Luther Alumni Magazine Luther College

At age four, Devin Hedlund insisted on learning the violin after hearing a classmate play Bach during show-and-tell. “I thought it was the coolest thing ever,” she recalls, “so I told my mom I wanted to play violin.” Luckily, the

JetBlue celebrates Puerto Rico and supports tourism to the island with its newest livery Bluericua World Airline News

Bluericua is a very public display reaffirming JetBlue’s commitment to Puerto Rico and takes the airline’s celebration of Puerto Rican culture to new heights. This special livery reminds those who see it of the reasons they should choose Puerto Rico

World Youth Day – Frequently Asked Questions

After two successful international gatherings with young people in Rome in 1984 and 1985, St. John Paul II instituted the annual observance of World Youth Day in December 1985 as an annual gathering of youth and young adults for prayer,

Laughter Yoga Alone – Laughter Yoga University

He started missing his moments with Laughter. It was then that he decided to do Laughter Exercises on his own. He tried a few exercises and continued experimenting different techniques every day. He felt great, and the result was similar

Education and Title VI

Agencies and institutions that receive ED funds covered by Title VI include: 50 state education agencies, their subrecipients, and vocational rehabilitation agencies; the education and vocational rehabilitation agencies of the District of Columbia and of the territories and possessions of the

Ultimate All-Inclusive Travel – Luxury resort specialists for family, adults-only, honeymoon, destination wedding and adventure travel.

I just came back from the amazing vacation you planned for us at Excellence Cancun Riviera, and just wanted to thank you so very much for our wonderful trip. I thought you may like some feedback and also to give you

Creating a Travel Policy for Government Contractors Certified Government Travel Professional

For Government Contractors the creation of a Travel Policy is not only a resource for cost effective travel it also incorporates laws that must be followed in order to perform travel for the Federal Government. Two of the most important

If the Dems take over Politics In General ReaderRant

The only real way anything is going to get done is when we have that mythic elected class which understand how its supposed to work. That is when they all are actually willing to sit down and debate/discuss the issues

2018 Hawaii Contractors License Search, Requirements, General

While it’s true that the construction industry in Hawaii lost 700 jobs from April 2017 to April 2018, the General Contractors Association of Hawaii, through its president – Jay Manzano, remained positive in their outlook for the industry this year

Geo Domes, Waterfall Picnics and Luxe Lodge Dining Await in Small-Town Egmont – Vancouver Magazine

As you drive north along the Sunshine Coast towards the small village of Egmont, the tree-lined roads get curvier and the cell reception disappears completely—along with your big-city stresses. Sitting on the Sechelt Inlet, but still part of the mainland,

Why a stranger matters from annual Utah State University Eastern Bread and Soup Nights Castle Country Radio

Lorianne Jones (not her real name) is a single woman that is 69 years old. She worked most of her life in low paying service jobs, raised three kids and was able to save literally nothing in her lifetime. In

Ige Completes Disabilities Questionnaire

Answer: A key area of policy that is working to reduce stigma and advance independence for people with disabilities is in the employment arena. We see employment of people with disabilities as a civil rights issue and closing the employment