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Affordable Staycation Spots To Enjoy With Your Pup Perropet

In Singapore, one of our favourite social activities is having a staycation over the weekend. It’s the easier option when it comes to organising a getaway, and an added advantage is that we have the option of bringing our furkids

Marche – Le Marche – Life in Italy

The food of Le Marche equally shares from the bounty of the sea as well as the farm. Brodetto is the most famous fish stew of the Adriatic coast, and varies in form from each coastal town. The marchigian versions

Winter Getaways A Perfect 10-Day Itinerary for Norway in Winter

Where to stay in Oslo: For ease of getting there, I recommend staying at the Thon Hotel Terminus, which is close to Oslo’s central train station (you can easily walk there). This hotel has a good location close to the city

On the Road Washington Park in Anacortes Park Preview

The 220 acres of Washington Park look and feel similar to a state park, but it’s actually a city park. For a small town of around 15,000 people Anacortes has an impressive collection parks, with Washington being the crowning gem.

5 Things to learn from the world’s happiest people

Denmark? Hamlet’s Denmark? The place where, for six months of the year, the sun barely rises above the horizon? A nation with one of northern Europe’s highest levels of alcohol consumption and where depression and mental illness are prevalent? And never mind

Homes for Sale in Eastbridge, Waterloo – HD Pictures, Prices, Info

“The time has come,” WRX Property Group said, “To talk of many things.” Today, that talking topic is the Eastbridge Neighbourhood in northeast Waterloo. If you’re interested in this region in particular – read on! If you’re looking to gather

Labors of Love The 2018 Carnegie International Is Buoyant, Beautiful, and Strangely Conservative -ARTnews

The show is, in many ways, exemplary. Its organizer, Ingrid Schaffner, has selected only 33 participants—many of them leading lights of their generations, more than half of them women—and given them plenty of space, so that one almost has the

North Vancouver Homes Homes for sale North Vancouver REMAX North Vancouver North Vancouver Houses

From beautiful forests and trails for hiking and biking, to city views and great schools, North Vancouver boasts it all. It’s easy to see why this is easily one of the most sought after places to live in all of

Where Is The 770 Area Code Located City Guide State Location

With a growing population of approximately 60,000, the city of Marietta is situated just a few miles outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Covered by the 770 area code, Marietta residents often work in Atlanta. The 770 area code was implemented in


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Tri-City Area and Real Estate Blog

Ceilings have long reflected architectural, economic, and other influences of the day. In early American homes, low ceilings were favored to keep spaces warm, even if they made them feel a bit claustrophobic. During the Victorian era, high ceilings—at least

Race to the Hills at Lake Hope State Park on OMBC

Race Description: Lake Hope has become a favorite stop and one of the largest races on the OMBC Race Series circuit because of its fast, flowing single track. $5 from each race entry will go to support the efforts of

Not Today Challenge – Valor for Blue

I will not come to work sleepy or tired. Sleep deprivation has been proven to diminish reaction times and interfere with my decision-making processes. I will not let any person gain the advantage by placing me in a poor tactical

Retired cavalry mounts enjoy their golden years in new pastures – News – Stripes

April Naiman spent nearly four years — the entirety of her Army service — riding a horse named Big Ben in the 1st Cavalry Division Horse Cavalry Detachment. They rode together in the 2003 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena,

Curris exhibition

The opening events for this exhibition will begin at 6:00 pm on Monday, October 8, in the KAB Auditorium (Room 111) with a presentation by UNI graphic design alumna Jessica Barness, Associate Professor of Visual Communication Design at Kent State