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NJDEP New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Batsto Village is the site of a former bog iron and glass making industrial center (1766 – 1867) that currently reflects the agricultural and commercial enterprises that existed here during the late 19th century. This Pine Barrens village consists of

Freewinds refit in Colombia Why We Protest Anonymous Activism Forum

In April 2008, the sumptuous passenger ship ‘Freewinds’ was undergoing parts in Curacao when found to contain blue asbestos in its structure, a highly dangerous material, banned in the countries of the civilized world to be causing cancer. Immediately, the

New Worlds Censorship

Here in the United States, where freedom of speech was enshrined in our Constitution with the Bill of Rights, the word “censorship” has almost entirely negative connotation. We still have some forms of it, of course; companies may have the

New G League contacts could see prospects avoid college basketball

For the last decade, the NCAA has defended itself from a bevy of antitrust and intellectual property lawsuits brought by current and former college players. These lawsuits have asserted that college players should be compensated for their labor and for

Nashville Posts City Winery

With amazing live music capabilities, delectable culinary creations, award-winning wine program, and stunning patio views, City Winery Nashville offers everything you need to make your next private event an unforgettable experience. From intimate private dining spaces to a full production

MR Online A big rally and a Bavarian vote

Saturday was amazing! Many hundreds of groups, organizations and prominent individuals called, under the slogan “Unteilbar” (Indivisible) for a demonstration against racism, hatred of foreigners and especially refugees and immigrants. It was to be a challenge to the Alternative for

Monday Morning Memo European Fund-Flow Trends September 2018 Lipper Alpha Insight Thomson Reuters

European investors pulled further away from long-term mutual funds as the market environment and general sentiment stayed negative. As a consequence September was the fifth month in a row posting net outflows from long-term mutual funds after 16 consecutive months

Mississippi A tale of two states

I also know this from firsthand experience. In 1994, I was part of a group of Mississippi businessmen who founded a new bank in South Mississippi. An idea hatched on a back porch has blossomed into a bank with 500

Meet the florist beloved by royalty and the Kardashians

Cut flowers are a good barometer for the economy because they’re a luxury item for most consumers, says Daniel Sumner, an agricultural economist at the University of California at Davis. “If incomes go up, do cut flower sales go up

Main-Danube Canal Danube River

Already more than 1200 years ago Charles the Great or we better know him under the name Charlemage was dreaming of connecting the Rhine, via its tributary the Main, with the Danube to realise a waterway crossing Europe from the

As-Needed Anticoagulation for Intermittent Atrial Fibrillation Raises Concerns Neurology Reviews

The positive findings, originally reported at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS), were updated at the International Atrial Fibrillation Symposium by Francis Marchlinski, MD, Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. When

LG USA LG G3 Replacement Battery (BL-53YH) – OEM Batteries For Sale

DR globalTech Inc. is the authorized reseller and merchant of the products and services offered within the store on our site. Each Product and DR Service and any related items (including software, technology and technical information) sold, exported, transferred, supplied

Lessons from Europe Din Merican the Malaysian DJ Blogger

“In 2008, crisis resolution was also possible thanks to the concerted effort of key central banks. Nowadays the power of unelected bodies is rightly questioned and scrutinised. The main lessons from the long financial crisis in Europe may be lost

Jean Chrétien on the State of Canada, Russian Relations, and Staying Friends with George Bush Sharp Magazine

Throughout a country’s history, there are forks in the road. Take enough of them, and the nation might be unrecognizable a generation later. It’s rare for anyone to have stood at as many forks as Jean Chrétien has. During his

Ireland 2018 Craic and Hookers, All Around a fuller life

Then to make sure we stayed awake, I booked us a craft beer and food tour. Our guide Suzanne, from Irish Food Trail, was excellent. I have a lot of appreciation for Irish sarcasm – these are my people! The

Iran Looks On As Israeli Arrogance Forces Putin’s Hand The Iranian

Russia has decided to send to Syria its S-300 VM system and has started delivering the Krasukha 4 radar systems jammer and other related military equipment. These installations indicate the low level of relations between Moscow and Tel Aviv. Israel’s capacity to