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Rightways Open society and closed minds, Trump bragging as UN Laughs at him

Out goes the vision of a liberal rule-based stable world under US leadership. What replaces it is a “no holds barred” reality show of bilateral “Art of the Deal” negotiations supposedly to solve what is paining America. Never mind the

Basketball Wales

GB Senior Men’s Head Coach, Joe Prunty, said “Greece is not only one of the top teams in Europe, but one of the top teams in the world. Through the years they have had tremendous talent and have been well

Coin Collectors Blog A Blog By Coin Collectors For Coin Collectors

I mentioned that I started a business working with collectibles and estates. From a 4,000 square foot warehouse with a 400 square foot showroom, my staff and I are working with a diverse crowd interested in all sorts of items

QDateTime Class Qt Core 5.11

A QDateTime object is typically created either by giving a date and time explicitly in the constructor, or by using the static function currentDateTime() that returns a QDateTime object set to the system clock’s time. The date and time can

ENERGETAB 2018 Bielsko-Biala 11 – 13 September

However, there were also many products on display, including machines, devices, and vehicles, used during the construction and inspection of overhead or cable lines, featured in the open-air stands. Furthermore, the automation and industrial electronics were widely represented by the

Most important privacy statement requirements in terms of form and content at the NAIH – WTS

The position of the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information in Hungary (hereinafter referred to as: NAIH) on the data protection reform, its (former) recommendations as well as resolutions passed in individual cases may serve as a

Why European young girls try to get their destiny as snail mail buy wedding brides Casa Vive Con Fe

If thereAndrsquo;s the one thing that also the most fine Russian lady hates by far the most, itAndrsquo;s an untidy property. And for anybody who is a fortunate man of those a girl, she will know that it is her

Do You Know Cobol If So, There Might Be a Job for You. – Slashdot

Despite its advanced age, Cobol is still the most prevalent programming language in the financial-services industry world-wide. Software programmed in Cobol powers millions of banking transactions every day and underpins critical computer mainframes. WSJ: And Cobol isn’t going away anytime

Mobilizing the Research Community for TB – The Time Is Now Speaking of Medicine

This week the United Nations will convene the first-ever UN High-Level Meeting on tuberculosis (TB), highlighting TB as a major global health crisis requiring robust international, government-level action. The theme of the UN summit is “ United to End TB.”

Panel discusses challenges in Eurasia – News – Fort Leavenworth – Fort Leavenworth, KS – Fort Leavenworth, KS

Army University Public Affairs The Culture, Regional Expertise and Language Management Office presented an expert panel discussion on the Strategic Culture of Eurasia: Challenges for U.S. National Security Sept. 28, at the Lewis and Clark Center. Steve Hecker, from the

Troubled Waters Suez Canal Corridor Development Project Problematic for Egypt – MS Risk

The SCC project is intended to work through joint public and private partnerships. Developments include construction of a major Mediterranean seaport in Eastern Port Said, a “Technology Valley” in Ismailia, and an industrial zone west of the Gulf of Suez.

EPIC RESEARCH Special-Report Of 04 October 2018

Wall Street advanced on Wednesday and the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at a record for a second day, after U.S. economic data fuelled a rise in Treasury yields, lifting financial stocks. The ADP National Employment Report showed private payrolls

Exclusive Gareth Evans talks Apostle, The Raid 3 and Freddy Krueger!

Gareth Evans is undoubtedly best known for crafting three insanely elaborate martial arts epics: MERANTAU, THE RAID and THE RAID 2. True aficionados of his work know he mixed it up a little with the deliciously grotesque Safe Haven segment

Personal Finance Curriculum Available to Wyoming High Schools, Thanks to UW Sponsorship News University of Wyoming

“Understanding basic financial principles helps people make smart decisions with their money,” UW President Laurie Nichols says. “The Ramsey curriculum teaches these important principles to help students achieve their post-high school aspirations, and the university is delighted to make it

March Madness Sports News – Trump

Jeffery Xiong’s three pawns overcame Richard Rapport’s knight for the American to join the lead. But Sergey Karjakin’s two knights, his final two pieces, were enough to checkmate Sam Sevian precisely because of the American’s remaining pawn. And finally, Maxime

The toxins of our past still threaten the future of killer whales Popular Science

PCB pollution is not the only issue facing orcas—underwater noise, overfishing, and a complex cocktail of other contaminants also put pressure on whale populations, says Houde. But these whales have higher concentrations of PCBs in their bodies than any other