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Sato Dogs

What is a Sato? A street dog from Puerto Rico. Satos are a tough breed that have withstood being neglected, yet still are so full of love. As you will see, they all look different and they all have unique stories, but they

Three exhibitions to see in Spain this Autumn LivingIt

Spain has developed a rich and dynamic contemporary art scene in the last decades, with artists from around the world exhibiting in many of its iconic museums. As summer gives way to autumn, and outdoor relaxing in the sun turns

Watch America destroy its own empire – Fabius Maximus website

Up till now, the EU – representing around the same percentage of the world economy as the USA – was sitting put, as the USA grew its sanctions regime to ever more bizarre proportions. Together, the USA and the EU

Best National Parks Winter

Imagine having a national park virtually all to yourself. Visitation to national parks dips across the board during winter, so it’s almost possible in this season. You’re alone. Or so you think, until you spot an elk in the snowy

Quelques bonnes adresses pour se faire plaisir – Espagne

• La région a me semble-t-til fait de grands efforts dans le tourisme pédestre, les chemins sont biens balisés voire équipés. On peut trouver une carte topo avec les sentier de randonnée à la librairie Publics, au dessus de la

Alcoholism and Drug Use – A Dangerous Combination

Individuals who abuse alcohol are also more likely to abuse other substances, like prescription or illicit drugs. Illicit drugs – cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and marijuana – can cause severe bodily injury and life-threatening side effects. Drinking and taking drugs can

NYLRMC – Our Next Reunion

We are now ready to open registration for our 2018 RMC Annual Reunion. Here’s a quick summary. We are meeting in Amelia Island, FL at The Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort, arrival date Sunday, October 14th – departure date Wednesday,

Full Text–Christine Blasey Ford’s Prepared Senate Testimony

I am here today not because I want to be. I am terrified. I am here because I believe it is my civic duty to tell you what happened to me while Brett Kavanaugh and I were in high school.

The Lounge – CodeProject

Quote: The problem we are now facing is that this all requires some logistical problems to be solved. The most important one of which is that there are not one hundred thousand 1802 microprocessor chips on planet Earth. So we

Best Beaches in Baja Sur – Sea of Cortez Side

Baja California Sur has a great number of outstanding beaches with a variety of reasons to make a list of the best beaches in Mexico or even the world. A recent poll in USA Today had local experts nominate their


Penang: Penang International Travel Exchange (PITE), the homegrown B2B travel expo that aims to position Penang as the leading business events and leisure destination in Asia Pacific, this year hosted delegates including myself as part of Global Panorama Showcase (GPS)

Police Department – Hyde Park, NY

It shall be the mission of the Town of Hyde Park Police Department to provide the highest level of professional police service to those who live, visit, work in, or travel through our community. We will protect life and property,

HORN FROM THE HEART THE PAUL BUTTERFIELD STORY (2018, doc) Movie Reviews from the Dark

Greetings again from the darkness. Even the grainy concert footage and somewhat muffled audio of the opening clip do nothing to offset the raw energy and power of Paul Butterfield and his blues harp. If you are a blues lover,

Online TEFL Courses ITTT – International TEFL TESOL Training

Have you thought of working online using your TEFL skills, or do you want to get more hours? We’ve got you covered! Meten International Education Group, also known as Meten English or METEN, is a global-leading experiential language training institute

Fearnan Village Association Keeping in touch through the FVA

We met Dr Michael Stratigos and Dr Derek Hamilton, who explained that the Living on Water project is an archaeological research project being carried out by a team at the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre, along with a number of

Sri Lanka’s cricket legacy is glorious, but what does the future hold – ESPNcricinfo

The first two Sri Lankan cricketers to catch this observer’s eye were Roy Dias and Duleep Mendis. Dias, slim and elegant at the crease, played the game in beautifully straight lines and had a hand in important moments during Sri